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Welcome to Hearing Products International. We are the UK’s premium supplier of market-leading hearing loops, induction loop systems, wireless television listeners, voice amplifiers, and home alert systems and devices.

All our hearing loop systems, wireless listeners and other products use the latest technology to help people to hear better quality sound from their television, radio or hi-fi, while enjoying the portability of wireless systems and separate volume adjustment.

We have specialised in the design and sale of nationally recognised assistive listening devices and Technical Aids for the Disabled such as hearing and inductions loops and wireless listeners since 1992

You can download information about hearing loops and wireless listeners or buy directly in our online shop.

All our products are high quality, easy to use and great value for money such as our NEW addition the unique Loop System, MegaLoop DAC with integrated Digital to Analogue converter – currently the only loop system of its kind, allowing connection to all modern televisions using the digital optical output socket.

Echo is the registered Trade Mark of Hearing Products International Limited.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Hearing Products International endeavour to answer any questions or enquiries our customers may have and this page contains answers to commonly asked questions about our range of hearing products and their uses.

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What our customers say

Verified customers have made comments in relation to our service and products and this page invites you to read these comments from previous customers and share their experiences.

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VAT Relief

You may be eligible for VAT Relief for some items within our shop. To qualify you would need to be registered with your local health authority or GP as having a hearing disability, visual disability or a communicative disability.

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