10 Gifts for those with hearing loss


Christmas is just around the corner. Are you struggling to find ideas for what gift to buy for your loved ones?

We all know this feeling – some people especially can be difficult to buy for. We also know that it is even more difficult to buy a gift for your spouse, family member or friend with hearing loss. But – you don’t have to worry anymore; it doesn’t have to be that hard. Today we will help you to make the right choice – and with our recommendations you will keep the ones you love happy AND make their life a little bit easier!

Here we present 10 products designed for people with hearing impairment which will help them to hear conversations better, listen to the TV, make phone calls, or be alerted when somebody visits them at home.

1. Alarm Clock with Vibrating Pad

People with normal hearing may not understand how even seemingly small things can help people with hearing loss. One of the best helpers is a Vibrating Alarm Clock.

The BRAND NEW Echo® PowerWake™ is a stylish and sturdy alarm clock featuring a powerful bed shaker; audible alert sound and flash, and is designed to wake you from the deepest of sleeps!

Echo® PowerWake™

2. Alerting Device – Doorbell

What would you do if you, or a relative, suffered a fall or trip in the night at home? It is a fear that troubles many of us. Our range of home alert systems let a spouse, carer or other relative know what is going on inside the home of a loved one.

How? Let’s take a look at some of the range of home alert systems and see what they are.

EchoChime300 ™

3. TV Listeners

The third range of must-have products for the hearing impaired are TV listeners.

It is a device which enables anyone with a hearing loss to hear the sound being output from a device at the perfect volume for them. Here are a few examples:

Echo ® RadioLink ™ Wireless TV Listener

Echo Link ™ Infrared Wireless TV Listener

4. Induction Loop System

A hearing loop helps someone with a hearing impairment enjoy one of life’s little pleasures: watching the TV and listening to the radio and music.

Although not life-changing in the way an alerting device might be (for example, it won’t alert you when the phone rings, or doorbell chimes), it is truly life-enhancing and that is why, for most people, a hearing loop is worth the money.

In what is recognised as a golden era of television, being able to enjoy the amazing array of shows on offer is far more than just a luxury.

With a hearing loop, TV, radio, music, films and more can be enjoyed at the perfect volume. There is no need to turn the TV volume up high (to the detriment of others), and there’s no need to feel annoyed at being unable to follow the action on a shared TV set at too low a volume for you.

Echo ® MegaLoop Pro ™ with Remote Control

The MegaLoop Pro ™ System features an integrated Digital Audio Converter to connect to modern televisions using the digital optical output socket on the TV. But don’t worry – it’s simple to install using the Toslink Cable provided.

5. Amplified phones

Swissvoice are excellent amplified corded telephones with large dialling keys with Braille dots and great sound quality. The loud volume and tone control make them perfect for people with mild to moderate hearing loss.

Xtra1110 Corded phone

This easy-to-use corded phone is made for people needing maximum comfort

Xtra2155 Dect phone

Xtra 2155, the wireless phone with answering machine, has been designed for people looking for comfort and ease of use. Here are some of the great features:

  • Extra loud ringer, up to 90dB
  • Audio Boost, up to +30dB
  • 30 min answering machine with slow play messages
  • Hearing Aid Compatible

6. Personal listeners

Personal listeners help you hear conversations and TV more clearly, as well as giving excellent amplification in meetings, while you’re out and about, or just watching television at home. You can even connect your mobile phone through Bluetooth too!

Echo ® MiniTechT ™

The Echo MiniTechT™ is a portable personal listener which can be used with either a headset or neck loop – INCLUDES HEADSET & NECKLOOP.

Echo MiniTech Pro® Digital Personal Listener

Echo MiniTech Pro® is a digital personal listener with exceptional sound quality that helps you hear conversation, TV and radio more clearly, with or without a hearing aid. INCLUDES HEADSET & NECKLOOP. 


Echo® MiniTech Pro® BT™ Rechargeable Personal Listener

The ALL NEW Echo® MiniTech Pro BT™ rechargeable personal amplifier provides excellent amplification allowing you to enjoy conversations with family or friends, participate in meetings, use out and about, listen to the TV at home or connect to enabled Bluetooth devices such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops and other transmitters.

We hope this guide has helped – why not consider buying one of this products to help your loved ones with hearing loss enjoy this season even more!