TV Hearing Aids

Are you considering TV hearing aids?

If you are struggling to hear the television at home, or find that you have to have the volume turned to a very high level – perhaps making life uncomfortable for friends, family or neighbours – maybe it’s time that you looked into getting some help from

Hearing Products International are committed to helping those with hearing problems and we stock a wide range of products which could make a huge difference to the way you go about your daily life – cheaply and easily.

So how can we help?EchoIR neckloop set

‘Don’t suffer in silence – get TV hearing aids today’

Firstly, check out our range of Wireless TV Listeners which will help you to enjoy television without disrupting other people around you. It is a perfect choice, both for hearing aid and non-hearing aid users.

We offer two types of Wireless TV Listeners: one uses Infra-Red signals, the other uses Radio frequency. The sound from the TV is transmitted into the room and the signal is picked up by a receiver providing excellent sound quality without any trailing wires.

Prices for TV hearing aids start at just over £100 – see our full range of Wireless listeners here.

Sound good? For more information and help you can call on 0161 480 8003.

Another option if you’re interested in TV hearing aids would be to have a hearing loop installed at home. Don’t’ worry, this is not as big an operation as it may first seem!

A hearing loop system does not replace hearing aids – it enhances them. Installing a loop system at home will help your aids pick up sound and greatly improve your listening by reducing or cutting out background noise.

At home, for example, you could use a hearing loop to help you hear sound from your television. The loop is simply cabling which goes around the listening area and produces a magnetic field which can be picked up by your hearing aids when they are set to the ‘T’ position.

Check your aids now to see where this switch is. Once the loop is up and running you can adjust your hearing aid for volume in the usual way.

The best part of TV hearing aids is that you can have the TV volume set at a ‘normal’ volume – for the benefit of others in the room – while your own aids can be set to a different volume altogether.

You can see all of our hearing loop systems here.

Why not call on 0161 480 8003 and get started on a brand new way to watch TV at home!