Alerting Device for Phone Calls

Worried about missing important phone calls – an alerting device is a straightforward way to ensure you always know when someone is trying to get in touch.

The devices themselves are relatively straightforward, though that also means they come with an affordable price tag.

The alerting devices typically flash and play an amplified noise to get your attention when the phone rings. It’s not very subtle, but then that’s the point – the caller will try to connect for maybe 20 seconds, the alerting devices for phone calls have to get your attention, and fast.

At Hearing International we are leading UK experts in products which make life that bit easier for anyone with a hearing impairment.

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One of our most popular devices is the Echo Phone Flash; it costs under £30 and does it’s one job perfectly – namely to alert you when the phone is ringing!

The device plugs straight into the phone line via a doubler, and has a 3 metre cable so you can position it in a convenient location. There is no danger of the batteries running out, it takes its power from the phone line.

It is as simple as this – phone call comes in, the alerting device automatically flashes its bright yellow light and makes a loud noise until you answer the phone.

Another product  in our range of alerting devices for phone calls is the echo chime door and telephone alert. As the name suggests, this is a slightly more sophisticated device which works both for the doorbell and phone calls; so taking care of the two key ways someone might try to contact you – or at least the two which are most pressing to answer.

You can of course get separate devices for the two jobs, but the beauty of this product is that you can locate it in one place and then know that you will be alerted when either the door or phone goes.

Both of these devices, as well as other alerting devices both for phone calls, the morning alarm call and other events are available in our shop.

We have a full range of devices to help anyone with a hearing impairment,

It might be that you want some advice before choosing which product is right for you, or that you are also interested in other products which can help you in day-to-day life; as an example a hearing loop can greatly increase enjoyment of TV.

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