Alerting Device to Wake You Up

Worried that your hearing impairment means you won’t wake up when the phone rings or the door bell chimes – there is now an alerting device to wake you up by shaking the bed.

Equally, it might be a loved one – you ring them and they don’t answer, the doorbell doesn’t rouse them.

Fit the bed shaker and, well, you can probably imagine – the bed will do a powerful shake when there is a need for you to be alerted.chime300-and-bed-shaker-new

It can be set to be activated when the door bell or the phone rings, or if the intercom is being pressed and other connections are available too.

You can find out more about the alerting device to wake you up by following this link, and it is just one of a number of alerting devices we offer, as well as products to make life that bit easier for anyone who has a hearing impairment,

As well as the device which helps wake someone up, other alerting devices include products which flash and emit louder noises for the door bell or phone. These products are not subtle, but then that’s the point – what’s the point of subtlety when a device is trying to let you know that someone is at the door.

They won’t break the bank, but they could be the difference between answering or missing an important call, or hearing that person at the door. Yes, sometimes the call might be someone asking if you had PPI, but other times it will be a relative or friend.

Our aim at Hearing International is to find solutions to make everyday life easier. Often, these solutions are relatively cheap, and certainly simple to install – that’s the case with the alerting device to wake you up, the EchoChime 300 to give it its proper name, and it’s equally true of induction hearing loops and products to amplify the volumeĀ of anyone with a quiet voice.

Often, of course, people don’t know exactly what to buy or what is right for their circumstances. With the alerting device to wake you up, you might be wondering which size of beds it works with, or if there is a maximum range, how far can it send a signal from the door bell? Get in touch with us and we will answer any of those questions, and we promise there will be no hard sell, we are passionate about helping those with hearing difficulties.

You can get in touch with us via this page, or give if you want to call our number is 0161 480 8003.

And please do get in touch – whether it’s for you or a relative, there are simple enhancements which can help with everyday life.