Alerting Devices to Aid Independence

Alerting devices can truly aid independence, providing a vital extra level of support for anyone with a hearing impairment.

Each alerting device on its own has an impact in aiding independence, but when multiple devices are used in and around the home, the effect can be profound.

At one level, the devices ensure the person with hearing impairment doesn’t miss a phone call, or fail to hear a knock or ring at the door, or that they don’t sleep through the morning alarm clock.

But the actual impact is far greater. The missed phone call could have been important, the door bell might have been a cold caller, equally it could have been an old friend. And missing the alarm call – on a lazy Sunday, it might not matter, but what if it’s the start of an important day at work?

The knowledge that a call, knock, ring or alarm never be missed again also brings peace of mind.

At Hearing Products International, on this site, we have a full range of alerting devices to aid independence. Have a look at the shop, or please contact us and we would be happy to discuss your individual needs.

We would never say alerting devices are cheap, or easily affordable – what is affordable to one person, might be more of a struggle to flash

However, what we can safely say is that for similar amounts of money, we are not aware of other products which can be bought which can so aid independence.

Some of the devices cost under £30 at the time of writing, and installation is easy too. For instance, a phone alerting system can work by plugging into the phone socket via a doubler, and then flashing an emitting a louder noise when the phone does ring.

For many people, alerting devices are just one way they look to aid independence. Hearing loops can greatly enhance enjoyment of television watching. They transmit a wave which a hearing aid can be tuned to, and through this the volume set at the perfect level for the listener.

Anyone in the room with a hearing aid can tune to the hearing loop and set the volume on their device individually.  This means that if there are five people all with different hearing needs, they can all set their own individual hearing aid volumes and enjoy boosted sound without added background noise.

There isn’t really much more to say about alerting devices to aid independence. They make a huge difference, the cost is reasonable, and as leading UK experts we would love to tell you about the options in an impromptu chat.