Never Miss A Call Again With Amplified Phones!

What are Amplified Phones?

It is easy to take day-to-day activities such as talking on the phone for granted. But for people with hearing loss, this can be difficult, it can stop them from feeling connected to people and it could cause them to feel self-conscious if they need to ask someone to keep repeating themselves.

Amplified PhonesStudies show that people with hearing loss who are isolated are more likely to suffer from depression and low mood. It is important to keep in touch with family and friends – and amplified phones can enable people to do that.

Amplified phones are designed for people who are hard of hearing. It allows the person to turn the volume up high so that they can hear speech clearly. Some phones also allow you to change the tone of the sound, this can make higher-pitched noises easier to hear, which is often an issue for people with hearing loss. Phones for the hard of hearing are typically used by people who do not yet wear hearing aids. However, some can also be used alongside a hearing aid.

If you have to ask people to repeat themselves frequently or you avoid using your phone altogether, then you could benefit from amplified phones.

Which is the Best Landline Phone for the Hard of Hearing?

Phones for hard of hearing can make communication easy and enable people to stay connected, the best and easiest to use products are amplified phones. Landlines are a good option because they do not require a battery, they don’t need to be charged and it is hard to lose them.

Amplified PhoneThe Swissvoice Xtra 1110 Amplified Corded Phone is a corded amplified phone with fantastic sound quality and lots of great features. The volume control and tone control make it adaptable for people with mild to moderate hearing loss.

It is hearing aid compatible and even has a hands-free option so that you can use it as a cordless phone if you choose to.

Additionally, for people who have some vision loss, our amplified phone has additional features such as large dialling keys with braille dots.

You can also choose to have up to have six buttons that send you directly to a loved one – and you can also identify these buttons by adding their photos.

Can I Amplify My Mobile Phone?

If you use a mobile phone then you may prefer a way to turn it into a hard of hearing phone. This is now possible! Bluetooth transmitters are a separate device that increase the volume of a mobile, a regular landline, or even a TV.

The Echo MinitechPro BT is of high quality yet light and compact. It will connect to your mobile and allow you to amplify conversations and edit the tone control. You can use it with or without a hearing aid. It allows you to use all of the features of your mobile, but now as an amplified phone.


Phone calls are important for all of us – they keep people connected and enable independence, which improves our quality of life. Amplified phones are a great option for people who are hard of hearing, whether you want to be able to use your mobile phone or you need the reliability of being able to use a landline – we can help.

Never miss a call again with amplified phones!