Benefits of an Induction Loop System

Have you been thinking of getting an induction loop system to help you or someone else with hearing difficulties – here we take a look at the benefits of induction loop systems.

The main benefit is that an induction loop system makes life that little bit simpler for anyone with a hearing difficulty. The induction loop might not be life changing, but it is life enhancing.

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Key Benefits of An Induction Loop System

Watch TV at a comfortable volume

With an induction loop, anyone with a hearing aid can enjoy TV programmes at a volume which is suitable for them.

Without an induction loop, the options are to struggle to hear the TV, to have the volume at a high level which might be uncomfortable for others, or to turn the hearing aid up, but at the same time amplify all other sounds.

The induction loop only amplifies the sound it is meant to be amplifying – in this case the TV. It transmits the TV sound on a channel which the hearing aid can tune to, and so each individual can enjoy TV at a volume suitable to them.

One induction loop system – many recipients

A benefit of the induction loop system is that one loop will work for everyone in that room with a hearing aid.

This is perfect when multiple people have hearing aids, the TV can be at a volume which is fine for anyone who doesn’t need it amplified, then anyone with a hearing aid tunes to the induction loop channel and sets their own volume accordingly.

Portable induction loops

As well as having a permanent hearing loop at home, you can also take a portable version with you on your travels.

This might be a trip away, or to see relatives, or friends. Rather than having to ask them to turn the TV up to a high level, you just attach the induction loop and tune in. At a hotel or guest house this is a great option as you can enjoy the TV without fear you are annoying the guests in the next room.

Help with important conversations

Portable induction loops can also be used to amplify personal conversations.

As an example, you might have an appointment with a doctor or consultant. Of course, they can speak up to aid your understanding, but that can make the conversation a bit stilted. It might also lead to concerns that others can hear the conversation; far from what you want with a personal matter.

A benefit of an induction loop system is that, placed on the table, it means the other party can speak at a normal level and you can still pick up the conversation.

Another use would be in a typically noisy environment such as a pub or bar. The induction loop can make it easier to listen to the conversation.

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