Things To Take Into Account When Trying To Choose The Best Cordless Phone For An Elderly Friend or Relative

How To Choose The Best Cordless Phone

For many elderly people, the landline phone becomes an ever more important piece of equipment in their life. Sometimes they might lose their confidence in going out, and so their landline phone becomes their primary connection to the outside world. With the possibility of reduced mobility, a cordless phone provides an excellent upgrade from a corded phone with all of the flexibility and benefits that it can deliver. As one of the leading technology retailers for the elderly and the hard of hearing, we have many years of experience in the industry. We want to impart that knowledge to our readers to help them choose the best cordless phone for their needs.

Think Carefully About Your Wants and Needs

Best Cordless PhoneWhen choosing the best cordless phone for an elderly friend or relative, it is important to think carefully about which features you actually need rather than which features you might want. It is all too easy to fall foul of the marketing spin and spend extra money on a device with 25 bonus features, 24 of which the recipient will never use.

If the recipient wears a hearing aid, for example, then you need to ensure that any new cordless phone is hearing aid compatible. Do you need an answering machine? Would talking caller id be a worthwhile addition?

Remember who you are purchasing the cordless phone for – the aim is to buy a cordless handset that benefits your family member without adding confusion or unnecessary complications.

Why is A Cordless Phone A Better Choice Than Corded Phone?

Although there is nothing inherently wrong with purchasing a corded phone, in our experience, there are many often-overlooked benefits that a cordless phone can bring to a home.

  • Portability – With a corded telephone, if your mobility is not what it once was, then consideration has to be given to where the phone is installed so that it is easy to access. Additionally, this could also then force the homeowner to sit in a specific site, so they can be close to the phone when a call comes in. A cordless telephone removes all of these issues; it can be carried anywhere the person is, it is lightweight, and potentially, if the homeowner is suffering from some type of health issue, a portable handset is more likely to be on their person should they need to call for assistance.
  • Long Battery Life – Modern cordless phones benefit from excellent battery life, meaning that they will easily last an entire day without any concerns or worries.
  • Most Base Units Can Support Additional Handsets – Another benefit of going cordless is that most systems can support additional headsets, typically up to four handsets. This means you only need to have one telephone point installed downstairs but can have cordless phones strategically placed around your property, such as in the bedrooms, kitchen and dining room.
  • Excellent Sound Quality – Cordless phone technology has improved dramatically over the last few years, and one of the biggest improvements has been in sound quality. Manufacturers are putting their best technology in even the most basic phones, which is something you can benefit from with the purchase of a new cordless phone.

What is the difference between a cordless phone and a DECT phone?

Swissvoice Xtra 3155 Corded and Dect phone (Combo)A digital cordless phone responds only to an associated base station wired to a standard telephone jack. With a DECT phone, the connection is made wirelessly without a need for physical installation. DECT stands for “Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications” and facilitates cordless or wireless communication between a base and handset or receiver via a 1.9 GHz frequency range.

In most cases, you get around 300ft or so of DECT signalling from the DECT base station. This means that unless you live in a mansion, the phone will provide crystal clear call quality anywhere in the house.

What Is The Best Cordless Phone That Hear4You Sells?

The most popular cordless phone we currently sell is the Swissvoice Xtra2155 Dect phone. This phone is reliable, benefits from excellent battery life, and is very competitively priced. Being a dect phone is it quick and easy to install. Let’s look at some of the key features.

The Xtra 2155 has been designed from scratch for people with hearing issues and the elderly. It has an extra-large clear display, making it easy to read and operate. It features a built in answering machine and has an extra loud ringer up to 90 dB meaning fewer missed calls. The answering machine offers 30 minutes of storage with the ability to slow play messages. As you might expect, it is fully hearing aid compatible.

To make it easy to call their most important people, the phone has 4 photo memories, all of which feature vocal VIP ringers. When your loved one calls, the phone alternates between the ringer and the recorded name. Another feature which many of our customers really benefit from is the high-quality handsfree function.

At Hear4You, we pride ourselves on providing the best customer service and advice within the industry. We hope that this article has helped to inform you about the many benefits a cordless phone offers, but if you have any other questions, then please do not hesitate to contact us today on (0)161 480 8003