How To Choose The Best Doorbells For The Deaf

Best Doorbell for the Deaf

When a family member or friend loses their hearing, it is a potentially life-altering experience; all of a sudden, they can feel cut off and isolated from the rest of the world. Everyday activities that they had previously taken for granted, such as talking, watching the television or listening to music, can disappear almost overnight. In a rush to help them, it can be all too easy to exacerbate the issue by making ill-informed choices, which inadvertently further removes their independence. One of the frustrations that anyone with a newly developed hearing impairment often complains about is the inability to identify when someone is at the door.

Whether that is a friend coming to visit or a delivery from Amazon, anyone with profound hearing loss needs a reliable solution so that they can be alerted when there is someone at the door. In this article, we will look at the things you should consider when buying a doorbell for the deaf and then identify what, in our opinion, is the best doorbell on the market, specifically designed for this purpose. This opinion was formed after speaking to many of our customers, obtaining their feedback and reading verified customer reviews.

Involve Your Friend or Loved One in The Buying Process

Because we can deeply for our family and friends, we want to do as much as we can to help them. This is a natural human reaction but, unfortunately, can lead to anger and resentment for a deaf person or someone who has severe hearing loss. Most people are fiercely independent, and so while you might have the best of intentions, by going out and buying a flashing light wireless doorbell for them, in certain cases, this could make them feel even more alienated.

Having spoken to and served thousands of deaf people, many of them have expressed anger that people just assume they can no longer make decisions or indeed want to be involved in the purchase of one of the many doorbells for the deaf. By involving them in the purchasing process, you are empowering them and helping them maintain their independence.

How Do Deaf People Know When Their Doorbell is Ringing?

The human race is nothing if not innovative; when faced with a seemingly insurmountable challenge, they are generally able to come up with a workaround that enables the problem to be resolved. When it comes to severe hearing loss, technology has developed doorbells that use some type of visual alert that essentially notify the homeowner that their doorbell is ringing. Depending on the severity of the hearing loss, some doorbells may also utilize a multi alerting system, comprising of some sort of led flash and an extra loud audible chime designed to make life easier for all concerned.

The Best Doorbell For People With Hearing Loss – The EchoChime300 ™ with Telephone Alert

The EchoChime300 ™ with Telephone AlertWhen it comes to recommending the best doorbell for the hearing impaired, we feel that there is really only one winner – The EchoChime300 ™ with Telephone Alert. This device is more than just a doorbell, as it also encompasses a telephone alert system to notify you that the phone is ringing. This essentially solves two problems and means that there is only one piece of technology for your loved one to master. The EchoChime300 ™ Doorbell and Telephone alert is simple to install all-in-one notification system which alerts your loved one with a loud chime and a flashing light that is almost impossible to miss.

The alerts system automatically activates when someone rings the doorbell or someone calls the telephone. Every component of the system was built to work together, which means that there is a quick and easily installation process, with no risk of there being any compatibility issues.

EchoChime300 ™ DoorbellThe EchoChime300 ™ set 474 is a loud sounding and flashing wireless doorbell system and telephone alert. The complete set includes a Chime receiver, bell push and telephone transmitter and comes ready to use. Setup is quick and easy and starts off by plugging the wireless telephone transmitter into the telephone socket, using the doubler provided.

The transmitter is responsible for activating the flashing chime every time an incoming call or doorbell ring is detected. In addition, the telephone has a ring tone whose maximum volume is extremely loud.

This means that when someone comes to the front door or calls the house, the EchoChime 300™ provides your loved one with the best notifications methods available. The unit also features indicators on the chime unit. This means that it is easy to identify whether it is the phone ringing or the doorbell that is activating the system. The doorbell button is weather-resistant and very easy to mount indoors and outdoors (attachments included). The chime is activated with a loud chime sound and flashing LED when the bell push is pressed.

Another benefit of this wonderful product is that it is portable, battery and mains operated. This means that when you retire for the evening, if you want to, you can bring the chime unit upstairs with you, ensuring that you never miss a call or a ringing doorbell ever again.

The key features of this device include

• Door and Telephone Alerting System
• Extra loud and clear bell/phone sound with a choice of melodies…
• Choice of sound only alert, flash only alert, or flash and sound alert
• Choice of different alert sounds for each transmitter
• Low power consumption
• Ready to use
• Volume control to adjust the volume level of the chime
• RJ11 connector with double adaptor for simple connection to telephone socket
• Transmission up to 300m open field

EchoChime300 ™ DoorbellThe system works flawlessly and has a minimal learning curve, which means that it is much more likely to be used and embraced by whoever you are buying it for. After all, there is no point in investing in modern technology if it is never used. If you are searching for the ultimate doorbell for someone suffering from hearing loss, then we believe the EchoChime300 ™ ticks all of the boxes.

This wireless doorbell offers compatibility for anyone who wears a hearing aid and delivers a piercingly loud sound, which can provide some sort of independence to your loved one.

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