Best Products For The Hearing Impaired

What are the best products for the hearing impaired – it’s a question we are often asked at Hearing Products International and one we’d like to answer by pointing out the benefits of a couple of key devices.

For the hearing impaired there are many available products with a range of uses and price tags. However, we believe that some stand out as virtual must-haves for those with a hearing impairment.

These are products which are affordable yet will make a real difference to everyday life.

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Hearing Loops

The first product which we believe falls into the category of being best for the hearing impaired is the hearing loop.

What is a hearing loop? It is a device which enables anyone with a hearing aid to hear the sound being output from a device at a volume perfect for them. Here’s an example.

The television is on at a low volume. For most people in the room, this might be perfect, but for the person or people with a hearing impairment it means they can’t follow what is happening. Without a hearing loop, the options are to turn the TV volume right up – perhaps to a level uncomfortable to others, or to turn the hearing aid up. Doing this though might lead to a whistling sound and might lead to other sounds being uncomfortably loud – this method doesn’t single out the sound you want to be louder.

The hearing loop transmits the audio of what it is attached to on a frequency that hearing aids can be tuned to independently and so then adjusted to the perfect level. For everyone else, the hearing loop makes no difference, they cannot hear the output, but anyone with a hearing aid turned to the T, telecoil setting, can now alter the volume of the one sound they want to focus on.

Hearing loops are already becoming increasingly common in public settings – theatres, cinemas, shopping centres, sports stadia and more, however the trend is also for their increased use at home.

Portable hearing loops are just that, they can be taken to appointments for example, meaning the user can follow any conversation easily without having to ask others to speak loudly.

Hearing loops are also an affordable investment for anyone with a relative with a hearing impairment – if a relative visits, having a hearing loop means everyone can enjoy Strictly at just the right volume!

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Alerting devices:

The second range of products that can  be considered must-haves for the hearing impaired are alerting devices.

These do exactly what you would expect them to – they alert you when your attention is needed – typically for a phone call, ring of the door bell, morning alarm call or similar.

These devices are not necessarily subtle, but then that’s the point! If the phone is ringing you maybe have 20 seconds before the caller will hang up, a subtle, unobtrusive alert isn’t going to get the job done.

Instead, the alerts will flash, buzz and generally get your attention.

Of course at times the call might turn out to be a cold call, the knock at the door a delivery driver asking if you can sign for a parcel for someone half a street away.

But, other times it will be a call from a friend or relative, or a knock on the door from someone delivering something actually for you.

Alerting devices need not break the bank, in fact they are a small outlay, but they make a huge impact – not least the person with the hearing impairment can relax knowing that they aren’t going to miss those vital contacts.

We have a range of alerting devices, with more information available by following this link.

What next?

At Hearing Products International we have a wide range of products to help anyone with a hearing impairment, just as importantly we also have decades of experience and so can find just the right devices to make life that bit easier.

Please have a look round the site and do get in touch with any queries, we are happy to offer free, impartial advice.