Black Friday – Offer Ends 30th of November or Until Stock Lasts

The Black Friday Sale You Have Been Waiting For

At Hear4You, we are and always will be passionate about our customers. Helping people that are hearing impaired is at the heart of everything we do and one of the key factors why we choose this industry. And one of our favourite times of the year is Black Friday because this is our opportunity to give back and help introduce more people to the benefits of our products. This year is no exception, and we have really pushed the boat out to try and deliver every drop of value we can. This year we have tried to choose products from every category within our business so that, hopefully, everyone can grab a bargain. Let’s look at the categories and products in this year’s Black Friday Sale.

The Ultimate Alert System – The EchoChime 300

EchoChime300 Alerting systemIsolation is one of the biggest sources of frustration for anyone that is hearing impaired. Everyone likes their independence, but if you can’t hear the doorbell ringing, you could easily miss parcels and deliveries due to not hearing the doorbell. This type of scenario becomes very frustrating and, in some cases, increases your sense of isolation, which is where the EchoChime 300 comes in. The EchoChime 300 is a portable alert system that alerts you to sounds around your home.

Whether you are relaxing in the garden or sitting in your favourite armchair, if there is a ring at the door, you will be altered both visually and audibly. Once you experience the benefits of this type of product, you will never want to be without one. Many products claim to be life-changing, but the feedback we receive about The EchoChime 300 underlines just how revolutionary this product is.

Loop systems

Loop Systems

Everyone loves watching a bit of television, whether for documentaries, sports or soap operas. As your hearing deteriorates, this can quickly become one of your biggest sources of frustration as you struggle to follow the program easily. With a loop system, you can get back to the important hobby of enjoying your TV programs. If you currently wear a hearing aid, which has a T-Coil function, then a loop system takes that all-important audio from your TV and sends it directly to your hearing aid via wire fitted around the room.

Personal ListenersPersonal Listeners

Personal listeners help wearers to get drawn back into conversations. Typically worn around the neck, they can be used with a neck loop and for those wearing hearing aids with a T-setting or a headset if you do not wear hearing aids.

In much the same way that glasses magnify your vision, personal listeners amplify audio, whether that be in meetings, in a lecture or while watching the television.

Speech AmplifiersSpeech Amplifiers

Some people have a quiet voice or may even have a medical reason preventing them from talking loudly enough for people to hear, and of course, this problem is magnified when the listener has a hearing impairment.

A speech amplifier is designed to maintain volume and clarity when sometimes a voice cannot. They work by enhancing a faint voice or even a whisper so that the person speaking does not need to stress or strain their voice to be heard.

Whatever your specific issue, Hear4You has tried to choose a range of products for their bank holiday promotion.

These fantastic deals are only available until the 30th of November, so act quickly and take advantage of some superb bargains.