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Bluetooth Technology Is At The Forefront of Hearing Product Innovation

Technology moves at a relentless pace, and every sector has benefitted from these persistent advances, perhaps none more so than when it comes to products that can assist people suffering from some form of hearing loss. Bluetooth hearing devices utilise this modern technology to transmit sound to a range of different products, such as your mobile phone, the television, listening to music and podcasts, and even enabling the wearer to enjoy video chats with family and friends. In our opinion, any device designed for this purpose should have one core component at its heart: to improve the quality of life of the person utilising that product.

What Bluetooth Products Does Hear4You Sell?

Echo® MiniTech Pro® BT™ (HEADSET version) with Bluetooth Transmitter Set

Every product that stocks is chosen with the customer in mind. Our aim as a company is to enhance the lives of our customers, to give them a choice and to ensure that we can supply them with the best product for their individual requirements.

When it comes to Bluetooth devices, we focus on three specific types of products – Headsets, Neckloops and Microphone and Audio transmitters. Let’s look at each of these products in greater detail.

BT Headset

A BT Headset provides users with a portable and easy-to-use solution enabling them to become actively involved in conversations, to enjoy watching TV and even enjoy a nice meal at the local restaurant, safe in the knowledge that they can confidently participate in the conversation even with background music playing. The Echo® MiniTech Pro® BT™ comes complete with a Bluetooth transmitter to help users enjoy exceptional clarity with amplified sound.

This is one of our most popular models, it is easy to operate and benefits from exceptionally long battery life, easily enough to get you through an entire day.

BluetoothNeckloop Version

In certain circumstances, a neck loop solution may be a better option for your loved one, which is why we offer the Echo® MiniTech Pro® BT™ (NECKLOOP version) with Bluetooth Transmitter Set. A neck loop is a very loosely worn wire that goes over the wearer’s neck. The neck loop changes the incoming sound signal to a magnetic signal which is then transmitted through the wire loop.

If the wearer uses a hearing aid, this then picks up the magnetic signal and processes the sound through the hearing aid. An added advantage of a neck loop is that it can be plugged into any device (sound source) that can be used with a headset, such as an iPod or mp3 player, and even a headphone connection at the gym.

The sound from whichever device is connected is then relayed from the neck loop to the t-coil in the hearing aid, working just like a headset.

Bluetooth Technology Hearing ProductsBluetooth Microphone and Audio Transmitter

If you already have a Bluetooth receiver such as the Minitech Pro BT, this device can pair with it to provide crystal clear sound up to ten metres away from the transmitter. Although it has many uses, one of the most popular is for students attending lectures in a university setting.

This transmitter has two built-in microphones, Omni and unidirectional, which are highly sensitive, with a wide frequency response. This means that you can hand the transmitter to the lecturer and be able to listen to the lecture in crystal clear audio wire-free.

Although there may seem to be a plethora of options, our friendly staff are always available to provide guidance and advice; simply call us on 0161 480 8003