How Can A Loop Help Me Hear?

Wondering how a loop can help you hear?

A loss of hearing affects many of us in later life, as well as impacting on the lives of those around us. The good news is that at we have the tools to help you get your life back on track.

For example, have you considered using an induction loop system? It can boost your hearing enormously and is very easy to use.

An induction loop system does not replace any hearing aids you may already have – it enhances them. Installing a hearing loop system at home will help your aids pick up sounds and greatly improve your listening by reducing or cutting out background noise.induction loop system

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The systems start from just over £100.

How can a hearing loop help me?

How can they help, exactly? Well, at home, for example, you could use a loop to hear sound from your television. In your car you can use a loop system to help you hear the stereo, radio or hands-free mobile phone. You can also set up a loop with a microphone to help you hear conversations in noisy places while out and about. For example, in the theatre, a loop can help you hear the show more clearly.

The loop itself is simply cabling which goes around the listening area and produces a magnetic field which can be picked up by your hearing aids when they are set to the ‘T’ position. You can adjust your hearing aid for volume in the usual way.

How does it affect those that you live and work with? Well, one important factor is that you can have the volume at a different level through the induction loop than everyone else sharing your room or car! You can set the volume on the television at a level which is fine for everyone else but the volume on your aid and through the loop can be much higher.

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Need hearing help for more than one person at home? Well, that’s not a problem. More than one person can use the loop as long as they each have their hearing aids set to ‘T.

Once your hearing aids are tuned in it is a wireless system so you are free to move around and listen from anywhere within the loop.

You’ll also be able to use induction loop systems in public – they are now installed at the workplace, in schools, public halls, churches, buses, theatres and many other public places and the number of places is only going to increase.

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