Summer online discount on a range of TV listeners

Many people will know how frustrating it can be when you cannot hear your favourite television programme properly. Perhaps you constantly miss a few words or have to have the subtitles on, and of course you probably have to have the TV volume turned up very loud, which may disturb other family members or neighbours.

We have been manufacturing TV listeners for over 25 years. They will amplify the sound directly through a headset or neckloop and these can help you listen to the TV at the volume you need without disturbing others.

Our Radiolink and Echolink TV listeners are easy to connect to your Television using either the analogue or digital connections such as the optical out socket or the scart adapter, and the receiver is easy to use with it’s brightly coloured volume control and adjustable tone.

With some great TV on over the summer months we are offering 15% discount on both our Echolink and Radiolink television listeners. With up to 30 hours listening time on a single charge there is no excuse to miss another episode of your favourite series. Head over to our online store now for more information.