Echo Hearing Products and TV settings

We all know how important is to be able to hear loud and clear your favourite films, programs or documentaries. We also know how frustrating is to set TV settings properly, especially having new, modern TVs full of apps and extra features, different outputs, inputs etc.

You may ask yourself which settings, connections should I use to connect external devices such as amplifiers, DVD players, Fire Sticks or most importantly Echo Hearing Products? In this article we will explain you which TV audio settings you should adjust and which audio outputs are suitable for hearing products  such as TV Listeners Radiolink2.4G, EcholinkPro or induction loop system MegaloopPro.


First of all it is very important to mention that different TV brands/models may have different menu/settings layout so please always refer to TV manual before you purchase new TV to make sure that your chosen model will be suitable for hearing products. If you are not sure please explain TV retailer your requirements as they should be able to help.

Good news is that most branded TVs are compatible and will let you connect hearing products without any problems. If in doubt please give us a ring on 01614808003 or send an email to

Before you decide to buy new TV please pay special attention to the point below:



  • TV Digital Optical Output (SPDiF)

It is crucial to establish if your new TV has enough audio outputs so you can easily connect your external audio devices for example Echo Hearing products.

Most common TV Audio Output nowadays is Digital Optical Output sometimes called SPDiF. This audio output allows you to connect your TV Listeners Radiolink2.4G and EcholinkPro but also induction loop system MegaloopPro directly to the TV using Toslink Cable (Optical cable). No hassle,  not too many cables, no converters etc  just connect TV Listeners Transmitter to TV through Optical cable and enjoy crystal clear digital sound. Please see below how TV Optical Out looks like.

Fig.1 TV Optical Audio Out (SPDiF)

Fig.2 TV Optical Out with Toslink Cable connected

Fig.3 Toslink cable (digital optical)

Please note that in some TV models you may have to activate this output and adjust format through TV menu. So if you can’t hear any sound using this output please go to TV settings and locate Audio Settings. If you prefer to hear only through your external devices please choose Digital Optical Out only (option 1). If you wish to to hear through external devices and internal TV speakers choose “Optical Out and Speaker simultaneously”(option 2) but please bear in mind that not all TV will let you to have option 2 as it depends on TV software.

If you still can’t hear certain HD TV channels, DVD players or Netflix, Amazon apps you may also change Digital Optical Audio Format from Dolby Digital to PCM or Normal. Video below shows how to change those settings but please remember that some TVs may have different menu configuration.

It may also happen that your new TV support only Optical Out but your slightly older audio device support only Analogue connection. If that’s the case, to avoid investing in new product you could purchase small device called Digital to Analogue Converter. This unit will convert your TV Optical signal to Analogue signal which will allow you to connect older devices to modern TV.

To purchase Digital to Analogue Converter please click here 

  • HDMI Arc (HDMI Audio Return Channel)

If your TV does not support Optical Out and has only HDMI Arc or HDMI eArc available you may connect Echo products to this outlet. However to be able to do it you will need to buy separate device called HDMI eArc Audio Extractor which are widely available online on Amazon, ebay etc. This situation may happen if you purchased Sky Glass TV.

  • TV Analogue Audio Outputs

Fig.4 Combo leads analogue cables


Most of the modern TV does not provide Analogue Audio Outputs anymore but instead only digital out. If you have slightly older TV which has only analogue outputs there is no need to worry as all our products have additional analogue connections.  So if your TV has only audio analogue out available such as Scart, Headphones Out or Audio Out (RED and White Phono) then you still should be able to connect it using our analogue Combo Lead provided. Please note that your internal TV speakers may cut off, but it depends on TV software.



Watch the video below to see how to connect Echo products to your TV having different audio connections. For more interesting videos please subscribe our Youtube channel so you won’t miss any new one in the future.


If all options above are not available you may also try to connect hearing product directly to your TV Box. Fortunately most of the TV boxes have optical output available so why not to try this way. Also this option, mostly likely, would not cut TVs internal speakers which can be important.

As you can see there is many ways how to connect hearing products to your existing TV. Sometimes is easier, another time a little bit more complicated. If you struggle at any point how to connect Echo products to your TV please get in touch with our Team and we will be more than happy to assist you.

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