Echo2.4G TV Listeners BACK in STOCK

We are glad to to announce that our Echo2.4G TV Listener Headset and Neckloop Version are back in stock and ready to order.

Echo2.4G TV listeners are ideal for people who wish to have their own device to control TV volume level so they won’t disturb others. At the same time these units will amplify the sound from your audio source so you can hear TV clearer, louder and with reduced background noise.

Echo2.4G can be purchased as a Neckloop Version, specifically designed for hearing aids users with T-coil, but also as a Headset version for non-hearing aids users. Its lightweight receiver makes it comfortable to use for hours without feeling tired.

The receivers come with rechargeable battery which last up to 7-8 hours, double charging base which also works as a transmitter and all cables to connect to your modern or even slightly older TVs. You could also buy additional spare battery here or extra receiver neckloop or headset, if you wish to use it with your friends or family.

So why wait, try it today and enjoy crystal clear sound without disturbing your family members or your neighbours. Please also note that Echo2.4G is eligible for Vat Exemption. For more information about VAT Exempt please click here.

…And if you order via our website we offer FREE delivery to mainland UK plus 14 days return period if you are not fully satisfied with your purchase. For more info please go to our website’s T&C here.