5 Benefits Of Using A Flashing Doorbell

Flashing Doorbells

A flashing doorbell is the perfect way to alert people with hearing loss to a visitor to their home – when normal doorbells simply aren’t suitable. Do you or a loved one often miss out on visitors or end up having to pick things up from a post office because you have missed a delivery? If so then it is probably time to invest in a flashing doorbell.

What is a Flashing Doorbell?

A flashing doorbell is designed for people with hearing loss or deafness. Unlike a traditional doorbell chime, it alerts someone to a guest at the front door with a flashing strobe light and sometimes a loud noise. There are different options on how you would like to be alerted of someone at the door, depending on the level of deafness. This includes a vibration option that can alert someone from their bed or sofa.

Do I need a Flashing Doorbell?

If you or someone you live with is deaf or has limited hearing then you will benefit from a flashing doorbell. They are one of our best sellers, because of the assurance that a delivery or guest never has to be missed unnecessarily.

5 Benefits of using a Flashing Doorbell

1. Independence

Many of us take doorbells for granted. For deaf people, one of our doorbells will alert them if someone is at their door. This retains their independence as they can have guests over or speak to neighbours without the need to leave their door open or make other provisions.

2. Less chance of missing visitors

Flashing doorbells will make sure that you are alerted of deliveries and unexpected guests. Some deaf people can feel isolated as they may struggle to communicate, especially if they became deaf later in life. Therefore, these interactions might be very important and will allow neighbours and family to pop in when they can.

3. Portable

A flash, unlike a sound, has to be close to you to be seen. With our doorbells you can move the light to wherever you are in the house which means that you will always be alerted of visitors. You can also move the noise or vibration, depending on what option works for you.

4. Affordable

Just like regular doorbells, we ensure that our assistive technology is affordable and accessible to those who need it.

5. A sense of normality

Many people who struggle with hearing make adjustments when it comes to their front door. They might leave it open for people or hide a key. Our doorbells give back control to the individual and will give them a sense of normality in their day-to-day life.


Whatever your needs are, we will help you to find a solution that works. If traditional doorbells are not working, then it is time to invest in something new. An affordable solution that will foster independence and normality. Removing any stress or anxiety over missed deliveries or guests, you can be confident that you have found the answer in flashing doorbells.