Hearing Loop for Home TV

Whatever your favourite TV programme, enjoyment will be diminished if you can’t hear it properly, but worry not – a hearing loop for home TV can solve the problem.

A hearing loop for a home TV ensures that anyone with a hearing aid can enjoy the box at a volume which is comfortable to them, but how does it work and are there disadvantages?

The hearing loop works by amplifying the TV sound and only the TV sound. Anyone with a hearing aid is able to set their device to the hearing loop’s channel and then enjoy the programme’s sound at an enhanced level.

But it’s not just one person who can benefit – anyone with a hearing aid can benefit from the one loop. For example, if there are 10 people in the room, all with hearing aids and different hearing needs, they can each tune to the hearing loop for home TV’s output and set the volume on their own hearing aid accordingly.induction loop system

And what of those without a hearing aid? Their enjoyment is not affected, the TV can be set at a normal volume, the hearing loop amplifies it for those with hearing aid, and each hearing aid is set to a volume that works for that individual.

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A hearing loop for home TV is a great fixed option if you, a family member or regular visitor has individual volume requirements. But what happens when you go elsewhere, maybe a friend’s house, or a trip away?

A portable hearing loop is the answer – a device you can take with you to enhance specific volume levels whenever required, without having to up the source volume.

A portable hearing loop even works with conversations, for instance placed on the table during a consultation you are able to hear what’s being said with complete clarity and without having to ask the consultant to up their speaking volume unduly.

As a leading UK expert  in providing solutions to help with hearing loss, we are delighted to see just how common hearing loops are becoming. And this extends far beyond people having a hearing loop for the home TV, although this is does have huge benefits in people’s lives. TV does often seem a simple pleasure, but it’s true importance, its impact is only really seen when we are denied it. Suddenly a wealth of entertainment and knowledge is unavailable, we are always delighted to be able to offer a range of products which rectify the problem.

But away from TV, hearing loops are now common in cinemas, theatres, museums, churches and far more. We look forward to a time when not having a hearing loop system installed is as unacceptable as a shop having neither disabled access or toilet facilities.

Hearing loops are a wonderful product – please have a look at our range of loops for Home TV.