Hearing Loop Systems

At Hearing Products International we’ve been providing superior Hearing Loop Systems that transform lives for more than 25 years and are trusted experts in our field.

We develop, manufacture and install systems for both public and private sector organisations as well as supplying to individuals. We are the UK’s foremost supplier of market-leading Hearing Loop Systems, providing life-changing solutions that incorporate the very latest in technology and engineering.

All of our products offer excellent value for money – why not take a look in our online shop today? We offer free delivery across the UK and can also ship internationally. At Hearing Products International, we are dedicated to improving the lives of those with hearing or speech impairments and we are proud of our truly life transforming hearing loop systems.

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Our customers value our individually tailored, knowledge-based advice and our reviews show that they are ecstatic with the life-changing results our hearing loop systems give them, crediting our products with bringing joy, laughter and conversation back into their lives. Join them as one of our happy customers today by exploring the possibilities of a hearing loop system

What is a Hearing Loop System?

Hearing loop systems work in connection with hearing aids to filter sound to improve and increase it.

Hearing aids contain microphones to amplify sound and coils (known as induction or tele coils) that receive sounds via a magnetic field when they are switched on.hearing loop system

Amplifiers within these hearing loop systems can be connected to devices such as televisions and radios to enable listening. By amplifying and filtering noise the user receives a clear and undistorted sound, greatly improving their ability to communicate effectively and thus reducing stress, frustration and isolation.

Hearing loop systems allow levels to be perfectly pitched to the individual – even in communal settings. That means even in settings such as residential, nursing and other care settings such as day centres, everyone can enjoy comfortable and effective hearing.

Why choose a Hearing Loop System?

Loss of hearing can lead to feelings of isolation and loneliness that can have extremely detrimental effects on wellbeing. We believe that everyone deserves the power to communicate and we are committed to developing technologies that promote this aim.

Hearing loop systems are a proven, highly effective way to combat these devastating consequences and are a wonderful way to promote inclusion, wellbeing and happiness in your setting.

Our portable loop systems are the perfect solution for those seeking to make public spaces such as reception areas or offices accessible to all.

The Echo ® DeskLoop ™ and Echo ® Port-A-Loop ™ can be used flexibly and portably either to aid hearing whilst retaining privacy – perfect in reception settings for example, or in larger group settings such as board rooms, promoting confident and easy communication.

Who can use a Hearing Loop System?

Anyone who has a hearing impairment can benefit from a hearing loop system, and with a variety of products available from Hearing Products International it’s easy to find a solution that perfectly matches your needs.

Our induction loop systems including the Echo ® MegaLoop ™ and Echo ® MegaLoop DAC ™ enable users to listen to clear sound from televisions, DVD players and HiFis by excluding background noise. Reliable and easy to set up, the Echo systems are a wonderful example of how hearing loop systems have been designed to reconnect those with hearing impairments with the entertainment they love.

Hearing loop systems aren’t only for private residences, they can be perfectly suited to communal living such as nursing and residential care, supported housing, resource centres and day centres. Any setting providing customer service should also consider Hearing Loop Systems – shops, libraries, theatres, supermarkets, public facilities such as hospitals, doctors surgeries and leisure centres – all can infinitely improve accessibility and customer focus with a hearing loop system installation.

Hearing Loop Systems are a wonderful way to promote independence – enabling people to stay in and thrive at work and lead fulfilling lives socially, emotionally and educationally.

Why choose a hearing loop system from Hearing Products International?

At Hearing Products International we are passionate about empowering people and enhancing lives through communication and our hearing loop systems, developed in-house, are key to this goal.

We are trusted suppliers, offering products and support to professionals in social services, occupational therapy and sensory teams and are constantly developing our technologies to ensure we remain the leading supplier of hearing loop systems in the UK and beyond.

If you aren’t sure whether or not a Hearing Loop System is right for you, give us a call on 0161 480 8003, contact us via this page or follow our latest news on Facebook to find out which events we are visiting near you or for information on how to trial our products – accessible through audiologists, social services and local resource centres.

Find out more about the life changing effects a hearing loop system could have a you – contact Hearing Products International today.