Hearing Loop for TV

A hearing loop for TV enables anyone with hearing difficulties to enjoy all their favourite programmes, but without that being to the detriment of anyone else’s enjoyment.

Without a hearing loop, it can be difficult for the TV to be accessed by all.

For anyone with a hearing difficulty, the volume needs turning up, but that might make it uncomfortably loud for others in the room.

It might even be antisocial, if it’s at night, or early in the morning having the TV on loud isn’t an option, similarly it might not be acceptable if the noise filters through to neighbours or others in the house.induction loop system

What a hearing loop for TV will enable is for everyone – and that includes the neighbours, the grandkids sleeping upstairs, even the pet cat – to be in an environment they find comfortable.

The hearing loop set for the TV works in conjunction with a hearing aid, it transmits via a magnetic field. This cuts out background noise and distortion – only the sound intended to be amplified, the TV sound, is amplified.

With a hearing loop, the TV can be set at a volume that isn’t too loud for anyone, then anyone needing it amplified simply sets their hearing aid to the channel and then adjusts the volume on their individual hearing aid. Via one hearing loop, anyone in the room with a hearing aid can have the TV at the perfect volume.

This is part of what makes them such a great piece of kit – a one off expense can benefit many people – in any shared TV lounge or similar this makes them particularly appealing.

Hearing Loop for TV -a portable solution

A hearing loop for TV can also be portable, so if you require one but are travelling to relatives, or friends or even a hotel, the loop can go with you, plug into the TV and then you have the perfect volume once more.

If you are interested in purchasing a hearing loop, please have a look at the range we have in stock. You also might want a bit of advice as to which product is right for you or a loved one, please do get in touch by visiting this page, which has all our contact details.

As a company which helps the hard of hearing find solutions to improve their quality of life, we are delighted to see the growth of hearing loops.

They are now common in cinemas, theatres, sports venues, shopping malls and so many more places. They are simply a great piece of technology which makes life easier for many, yet in a way without detriment to others.

If you would like advice on any element of hearing aids; be it loops or another product please do get in touch if only for some obligation-free advice from experts.