Are Hearing Loops Worth The Money?

As a leading UK expert in products for those with hearing impairments we are often asked about the pros and cons of devices, including whether hearing, induction loops are worth the money.

We believe hearing loops can be a great purchase, as we will go on to explain – but first, to give full disclosure, we do sell a full range of hearing loops. That’s because we are firm believers in their benefits, but it’s only fair you know we stock them!

The benefits of hearing / induction loops

A hearing loop helps someone with a hearing impairment enjoy one of life’s little pleasures, watching the TV and listening to the radio and music.

Although not life changing in the way an alerting device might be, it won’t alert you when the phone rings, or doorbell chimes, it is truly life enhancing and that is why, for most people, a hearing loop is worth the money.

In what is recognised as a golden era of television, being able to enjoy the amazing array of shows on offer is far more than just a luxury.

With a hearing loop, TV, radio, music, films and more can be enjoyed at the perfect volume. There is no need to turn the TV volume up high, to the detriment of others, there’s no need to feel annoyed at being unable to follow the action on a communal TV set at too low a volume for you.

With a hearing or induction loop, the device outputting sound – the TV for example – is set at a volume suitable for those without a hearing impairment. However, anyone with a hearing aid can tune to the T channel and then pick up the transmission from the loop and then adjust this to the perfect volume for them.

This also means that if multiple people have hearing aids, they can each tune into the loop and set their own perfect volume.

Hearing loops are common in cinemas, theatres and museums for example, increasingly they are making a difference in homes too.

How much do hearing or induction loops cost?

We are loathe to say they are easily affordable, after all, we all have different budgets.

However, for what they deliver in terms of quality of life, we believe they offer great value for money.

The loops are available for a little over £100 (plus VAT) at the time of writing, some models costing a bit more but including extra functions and inputs.

You can see our range of induction loops here, or follow this link to visit the homepage of our shop where you can see every item we stock.

Find out more

If you would like to know about induction loops, whether you have a hearing impairment yourself or if it’s for someone else, please do get in touch. We pride ourselves on helping those with hearing difficulties find the products which will make a real difference to their everyday life.

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