Hearing Products On A Budget

At Hearing International, we passionately believe that hearing products should be as affordable as possible.

As the leading UK supplier of hearing products which aid those with an impairment, we know how life enhancing they can be, we also know the worries people have as to whether they can afford to get all the items which could make a real difference.

However, there are products which have a huge impact, yet don’t come with a hefty price tag, you really can get life-changing hearing products on a budget.

Hearing products on a budget can cover a variety of uses, there are those which are alerting devices, letting you know when someone is trying to contact you.

Others enhance enjoyment of entertainment, for example hearing loops which boost the audio from a TV, sending out a signal which can be tuned to from any hearing aid, yet without changing the volume of the TV. This means, the TV stays at a comfortable volume for anyone without a hearing impairment, yet those with hearing aids can get crystal clear sound at a volume to suit their needs.

Starting at a little over £20, alerting devices are the cheapest of our hearing products on a budget. Potentially, they can pay for themselves in one use, saving you from missing an important call or knock at the door.

These devices are not necessarily subtle, but then they wouldn’t work if they were. They perform their task – to alert you and quickly.

Hearing Products on a Budget – Not Subtle But Always Effective

An example is the door bell alerting device – this plays a loud noise and flashes a light when the doorbell is pressed, it is far more attention-grabbing than the standard door accessory. There are also phone alerting devices, again, these aren’t just louder, they also involve the unit lighting up, providing a visual cue.

The light often attracts attention far more than the sound, leave the phone positioned just in the corner of your sightline and you will find you react to it within a fraction of a second of ringing.

The alerting device could be the difference between answering a call from a relative, friend or important business matter or missing it, a few pounds really can bring peace of mind.

Personal listeners are another hearing product available on a budget. These portable devices come with a small microphone which typically clips on to the person with the device. What these do is amplify sounds reaching the listener, so a conversation in a busy pub for example will be amplified to a level where the listener can hear what’s being said and feel fully engaged with the conversation.

With the range of hearing products, all available on a budget, it is possible to be alerted to calls and visits you might otherwise have missed, to get more enjoyment out of TV and radio and to better follow all conversations while out and about. As a whole, they can have a profound impact on quality of life.

In our online shop, we have a full range of hearing products to suit all budgets, please have a look and do get in touch with any queries or for some honest advice. You can call us on 0161 480 8003 or email us at info@hear4you.com