Help A Relative With Hearing Difficulties

Many of us know someone with impaired hearing, but did you know there are simple products which can help a relative or friend who might have hearing difficulties.

At Hearing International, we are the leading UK experts in supplying devices which make life easier for those struggling with common conditions.

For a small amount of money, it is possible to make a profound difference. Here are a few examples of devices which can be a great help to a relative or friend with hearing difficulties.

Hearing Loops

Hearing loops enable people with a hearing aid to enjoy TV, radio and more at a perfect volume for them, yet with the device kept at a level comfortable for all.

To give an example, a relative might be staying at your house. Their hearing difficulties might mean you normally have to have the TV at a level which is uncomfortably loud for others.induction loop system

With a hearing loop connected to the TV, the television is kept at its normal volume, a volume comfortable to anyone without hearing difficulties. The person in need of a boost in volume gets it by tuning their hearing aid to the hearing loop channel, this then picks up on the amplified waves being sent out.

With these great systems, there is also no interference, or amplification of background noise; only the sound you want to be amplified gets the boost.

It might not be life-changing, but it is life enhancing, helping a relative or friend with a  hearing difficulty to enjoy a basic pleasure of TV or radio at the right volume.

Hearing loops are a technology being used ever-more widely. Portable loops can be used when out and about – to boost a conversation, to make it easier to hear the doctor during an appointment.

And they are also used in many public settings such as theatres, cinemas, museums and more – enabling those with a hearing difficulty to enjoy the key sound at a perfect volume.

We have a range of wireless TV listeners and induction loops in our online shop – have a look here.

Alerting devices

Another great set of products to help a friend or relative with a hearing difficulty are the alerting devices.

Technologically these are really quite basic, they are also not particularly subtle, but that’s the point. They do their job – alerting the person with a hearing impairment that there is something they need to respond to.

Common examples are the phone and the front door. If there’s a knock at the door, or the phone rings, you maybe have 30 seconds to respond so it’s clearly essential you’re quickly aware that someone is trying to contact  you.

With the phone alerting system, when someone calls it will set off a louder noise, separate to the phone’s own ring, and also flash a light.

The door alert is similar, basically it’s a system which shouts THERE’S SOMEONE AT THE DOOR, rather than being a polite knock (obviously it doesn’t literally shout!)

Other devices

If you want to help a relative or friend with hearing difficulties there are othe products as well, including a personal listening device.

This clever box, which has a small microphone to clip on to clothing, amplifies any sound which is naturally reaching the person with the hearing impairment and can be used for anyone having a small problem upto far more profound hearing difficulty.

A great use is in a cafe, restaurant or pub, where the ambient noise can make it extremely difficult to follow conversations.

What next?

If you are keen to help a relative with hearing difficulties, please take more of a look round the site. Get a feel for Hearing Products International, our ethos and our range of products.

We have a full shop, including some current offers, and we would also love to answer any queries you might have.

Head this way for the shop, or it’s 0161 480 8003 if you want to discuss what might be best to help a friend or relative with hearing difficulties.