Helping A Relative With Hearing Loss

Having a relative suffering with hearing loss can be hugely challenging.

For the person suffering the hearing loss there is huge frustration, perhaps a loss of independence and perhaps some initial anger and resentment as their hearing deteriorates.

The relatives, meanwhile, might be relied upon to offer extra support, or they might feel they should be offering more support, but unsure how to go about it.

In this post, we are going to look at a couple of simple products which can help both the person suffering hearing loss, but also reassure relatives that their loved one has things in place to help them cope with everyday life.

Being contactable

One natural concern is that the relative with hearing loss will miss phone calls, alarms and people at the door.

Sometimes missing these will be of no consequence, it will be a cold caller, or someone at the door trying to sell a product.

Other times though, it will be a call from a relative, or a knock on the door from a friend or neighbour. Failing to answer these adds to isolation, it can lead to a downward spiral with the hearing loss sufferer becoming increasingly cut off.

Alerting devices can be a huge help here.

Alerting devices are relatively cheap pieces of equipment designed to a single job very well. They alert the person with a hearing impairment that there is a phone call, or someone pressing the doorbell, or that the alarm is going and it’s time to get flash

Taking the echo phone flash as an example, this product costs less than a meal out for two, yet offers great benefit.

It is a simple piece of kit – when the phone goes, it rings loudly and its bright light flashes. It’s not subtle, but then what use would subtle be? The device has to alert the owner within a few seconds, giving them time to get to the phone and answer it before the caller rings off.

In our online shop, there are other products too – for alerting when the doorbell chimes and when the alarm goes off. Some products do a number of these tasks all in one; offering savings compared to buying three separate devices.

At Hearing International, we are committed to helping those with hearing impairments.

If you call us on 0161 480 8003 we will happily give you some advice as to what products might be the most useful having listened to the details of your relative’s hearing impairment.

Another product many purchase for relatives with a hearing impairment or hearing loss is an induction loop so they can enjoy television and radio.

This is at the other end of the spectrum to alerting devices, it is rarely essential someone watches a TV show, and yet they are as important in their own way.induction loop system

Induction loops enable the user to listen to their favourite shows at a comfortable level, even if the TV is at a more normal volume (for instance if there are others in the room who might not want the volume uncomfortably high).

These devices work in conjunction with a hearing aid, the wearer tunes the hearing aid into the magnetic, induction loop channel. That way, only the sound they want to be enhanced is.

There are other devices and pieces of equipment too – however the needs of every individual with a hearing impairment vary greatly.

We have vast experience in matching people to the right products, why not give us a call today, even if it’s just to pick our brains and to get a few ideas as to what’s available and typical costs.

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