What Is A Home Alert System?

Not sure what a home alert system is, or whether it could be of value to you or a loved one?

What would you do if you, or a relative, suffered a fall or trip in the night at home? It is a fear that troubles many of us.

But Hear4you.com can help.

Our range of home alert systems let a spouse, carer or other relative know what is going on inside the home of a loved one.

How? Let’s take a look at some of the range of home alert systems and see what they are.

The Echo bed pad and transmitter fits neatly and snugly under the bedsheets and senses when a patient or user is in bed. Then, when the person gets up in the night an alert is sent to other users. This allows a spouse, carer or relative to check on the person who could be in some difficulty.Home Alerting System and accessories

After all it can be difficult to monitor an elderly relative or patient, who perhaps has dementia or a similar condition.

The sensor alarm can be set to activate either immediately, after three seconds or after 10 minutes.

The Echo bed pad and transmitter is priced at a little over £100 at the time of writing (including VAT), there are more details available via this link.

Along the same lines comes the Echo chair pad and transmitter, which has all the same options as the bed pad but – as you may have guessed – is shaped to fit under a chair and not a bed.

Both systems have a transmitter which can also be used as a call button for aid.

The chair pad is available for less than the bed equivalent – again there is more information if you follow this link.

Home Alert Systems – more examples of what they are

Another useful home alert product which may be of interest is the EcoChime 300 bed shaker device.

As the name suggests, the bed shaker is designed to wake you with a powerful vibration if the telephone rings, the doorbell or intercom is used or if it receives an alert from a transmitter – such as the bed pad, or chair pad for example.

It can be placed under a pillow, or also a seat cushion if you want to bring it out of the bedroom. There is more information on this great product right here.

Click here to view all alerting devices.

Any of our home alert systems could make a big difference, and some of our products are VAT exempt.

To qualify for VAT exemption, you would need to be registered with your local health authority or GP as having a hearing disability or a communicative disability.

If you are unsure you must firstly seek guidance from your GP or other Medical Professional before signing the declaration or you must include VAT on your order. You can find out more from the Help sheets at; www.HMRC.gov.uk or by telephoning the VAT Disabled Reliefs Helpline on 0300 123 1073.

You can also download a VAT certificate here.

Need more help? Hear4u.com are available on 0161 480 8003 or you can contact us by using the form on this page.