Induction Loop Systems

Have you heard of Induction Loop Systems but aren’t sure what or who they are for? Well, we’re here to help explain how Induction Loop Systems work and, more importantly, how they can work for you.

Induction Loop Systems, also known as Hearing Loop Systems or Audio Induction Loops, are systems designed to connect those with hearing impairment to the world around them by reconnecting them with their surroundings. Induction Loop Systems can work in a variety of settings both big and small to improve the lives of those with hearing loss by enabling independent living.

Thanks to legislation like the Equality Act and the Disability Discrimination Act we are now far more conscious of providing environments that promote independence and quality of life for all. For those with hearing impairment Induction Loop Systems play an essential part in this by transforming potentially impenetrable situations into easily accessible ones.

Induction Loop Systems are a key way to empower anyone suffering from hearing loss or impairment in a range of everyday situations. Schools, libraries, banks, doctors surgeries, leisure facilities, cinemas, hospitals, residential and nursing homes – all of these and more are places that can serve their patrons better by providing simple and effective hearing loop systems.

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Induction Loop Systems – How Do They Work?

Many people with cochlear implants, hearing impairment and speech impairment benefit from wearing a hearing aid to amplify sound. But hearing aids can do more than amplify – with the addition of a hearing or “induction” loop system, these aids can be connected to a variety of devices – the sound “source” – to give their user a clear, unblemished sound.

By connecting the induction (or “tele”) coil within the aid directly to the source sound via a magnetic field created by the hearing loop cables, not only is the desired sound amplified but background noise is also filtered out, giving a high quality and stress free listening experience.

Users can connect their aid to a source such as a microphone, television or Hi Fi simply by turning it to the T position, and each aid can be adjusted so that the amplification is pitched correctly for the user, even in a communal setting – it really is a life changing device.

Induction Loop Systems come with a range of specifications to suit exact needs – the cashier’s desk at a bank or reception desk at a doctor’s surgery for example, need a system with small range to ensure security, discretion and privacy.

Induction Loops – What Are They?

However, a lecture theatre or nursing home lounge would need a loop range large enough to accommodate any number of people wishing to connect their hearing aid.

Induction Loops - desk loop

In flexible settings such as community short term or respite services, portable systems can be an ideal and cost effective solution to promoting inclusion and we work closely with professionals such as social workers and occupational therapists to meet the needs of individuals in their care.

While static, permanent systems are excellent in settings such as lounges and theatres, in a respite setting where users stay for only a short period, a portable system allows for the needs of the individual to be met whichever room they accommodate and eliminate the prohibitive cost of installing a permanent loop system in every room.

Hearing Products International are expert suppliers and installers of induction loop systems who have been working passionately within the industry for 25 years.

We are certified and accredited leaders in the production and manufacture of assisted listening devices throughout the UK and beyond and offer all of our customers a comprehensive and bespoke service along with expert advice.

Induction Loop Systems transform lives and that’s why we have worked tirelessly to become the UK’s leading experts in systems for both the public and private sectors and individuals. We are committed to the continuous development of our knowledge base which means we can develop and patent the very best assisted listening technology.

Induction Loop Systems – Genuinely Life Enhancing

The ability to communicate freely is vital to a fulfilling and happy life. Barriers to communication can lead to anxiety, stress and feelings of deep isolation that induction loop systems can combat simply and effectively.

We are passionate about providing individuals, employers and care providers with the education and equipment to promote the inclusion and wellbeing that we believe everyone should enjoy.

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At Hearing Products International we are proud to offer a range of market leading products designed to suit every need, including the Echo ® MegaLoop ™ and Echo ® MegaLoop DAC ™, the portable systems the Echo ® DeskLoop ™ and Echo ® Port-A-Loop ™, and the brand new and exclusive Echo MiniTech Pro®.

The Echo MiniTech Pro® is the ultimate miniature battery powered, highly portable device that offers multiple functions including an amplifying microphone, protection against sudden loud or unexpected noises, tone control, connectivity to a host of devices, and the ability to switch seamlessly between a TV or other device and conversation.

Induction Loops - MiniTech

The Echo MiniTech Pro® offers its users the freedom to enjoy life as it flows in any setting and will transform the lives of those using it.

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