Listening Devices

Why Listening Devices Could Be The Perfect Solution For You or Your Loved Ones

Like many things in life, it is easy to take certain things for granted, and it isn’t until they are not there anymore that you realise how much you miss them. This, probably more than anything, relates to your senses, with vision, smell and hearing the most likely to deteriorate over the years. The good news is that technology can come to the rescue in many cases. Technology has improved in recent years for anyone with deteriorating hearing, and the number of different listening devices on the market has exploded.

What Is A Listening Device?

A Listening Device is a piece of modern technology to improve the wearer’s ability to detect and understand the spoken word and enable them to participate in everyday conversations, even in challenging situations such as a trip to a busy supermarket or shopping centre. Typically, these devices work for distances of up to 15 metres. They are suitable for people with and without any apparent hearing loss.

Why Is It Worth Investing in A Listening Device For an Elderly Parent or Relative?

The number one answer to this question is to provide that person with a sense of independence. Anyone who has ever spent any time underwater in a swimming pool will have some idea of how cut off you can feel when you suffer from any type of hearing loss.

It literally changes every aspect of your daily life, but it doesn’t have to be that way. By researching and then choosing the appropriate listening device, you can begin to enjoy life once again, go and meet friends and no longer feel cut off from the outside world.

Echo® MiniTech Pro® BT™ (NECKLOOP version) with Bluetooth Transmitter Set

Echo® MiniTech Pro® BT™ (NECKLOOP version) with Bluetooth Transmitter SetIt is not just conversations with friends and relatives that are impacted when you start to suffer from hearing loss; daily pleasures such as watching the television or even talking on the phone can become challenging. You may not be able to listen to music, the radio or even an audiobook.

That is where a product such as the Echo MiniTech Pro BT (Neckloop Version) with Bluetooth Transmitter Set could be the perfect solution, and the good news is that it only costs £234.00, including VAT.

This powerful, easy to operate device is designed to resolve virtually all of the issues identified above and many more besides. The Echo® MiniTech Pro BT™ with Bluetooth Transmitter is a newly launched device that helps anyone enjoy amplified sound with exceptional clarity.

It is the perfect solution for everyday conversations with real people or to help you settle down to watch the soaps on the television in the evening. It also works in conjunction with most modern mobile phones, which is one of the main reasons why it is proving so popular.

A lot of thought and effort went into the design of this particular product, focusing not just on the magnification of oral speech but also on the quality of the audio output. The Echo MiniTech Pro BT uses some of the best components in the marketplace, and it has also been designed with ease of use in mind. Having helped thousands of customers over the years, we are very aware that one of the biggest challenges is overcoming the customer’s natural resistance to using a personal listening device in the first place. Once that hurdle is overcome, we find that our customers would never be without a listening device again, which is why we place so much importance on the ease of operation of all the devices we sell. If it is not easy to operate, it will not be used, making a product virtually worthless.

Low Latency – When it comes to Bluetooth listening devices, always ensure that the latency is very low. Think of latency as the speed at which the sound is transmitted. This means that when you watch a movie or television program, the audio is in sync with the visual, ensuring the ultimate viewer experience.

Echo® MiniTech ProThe product consists of two critical components, the transmitter and the listener. The Echo Universal Bluetooth transmitter with Bluetooth 4.2 is designed to be used in conjunction with the MinitechPro BT personal listener or any other compatible Bluetooth receiver. Once paired with the Bluetooth receiver, the user will be able to enjoy crystal clear sound within a range of 10 metres.

In addition, it can also be used as a universal TV transmitter easily by connecting it via a Digital Optical or standard 3.5mm Audio jack. One of the best parts of our job is to see and hear the look of awe and gratitude that our customers exude when rediscovering the crystal clear sound of the television again.

The most important feature of this particular transmitter, and what sets it aside from other similar but, in our opinion, inferior products, is the two built-in microphones – Omni and unidirectional. These highly sensitive microphones feature a wide frequency response for crisp, clear sound. They are the perfect piece of equipment to pick up conversation wire-free when meeting friends and work colleagues. If you are still in school or college, then simply hand the transmitter to your lecturer at college or speaker in a community hall for the best seat in the house!!

Portability is also critical to these types of devices because why should anyone only be able to benefit in specific limited locations. This transmitter is powered by a powerful, rechargeable battery that lasts up to 25 hours. However, if there is a specific reason as to why you would prefer to connect it to the mains, such as someone who lives permanently in a nursing home, then it also comes with a power adapter for this purpose. In conclusion, the Echo® MiniTech Pro BT™ features

  • High quality, compact, lightweight
  • Two built-in microphones – Omni and unidirectional
  • Mute switch for microphones
  • Digital (optical) and analogue inputs
  • Microphone Priority button – overrides Audio input
  • Rechargeable battery last up to 25 hours
  • Bluetooth version 4.2, aptX low latency

We understand that personal listening devices can appear to be a minefield for anyone that is facing a deterioration in hearing for the first time. At Hear4You, we are always more than happy to answer any questions you might have and help steer you in the right direction. Feel free to call our friendly and supportive team of experts on 0161 480 8003.