Stunning New Echovoice EV7 Voice Speech Amplifier

Echovoice EV7 Voice Speech AmplifierTransform Your Vocal Capabilities With the Stunning New Echovoice EV7 Voice Speech Amplifier

Speech is such an integral part of our lives, and for anyone with a particularly quiet voice, this can have a dramatic effect on the confidence and ability to participate in conversations or even, in some cases, to fulfil their work commitments. Unfortunately, if the problem has only recently arisen, then the embarrassment this can cause will only lead to exacerbating the issue further. The good news is that technology can step into the breach and deliver an easy and cost-effective solution.

Echo voice EV7 Voice Speech Amplifier

One example where this device could be particularly effective is in a classroom where the teacher struggles to project his or her voice in a bustling classroom filled with excited but engaged young learners. The EchoVoice® EV7™ is essentially a self-contained voice amplification system with market-leading sensitivity, capable of amplifying even the faintest of voices.

It features a 10 Watt digital amplifier which delivers high-power audio output with crystal clear sound quality. The unit also features a volume control system, providing flexibility so that the user can increase or decrease the volume level to the appropriate level depending upon their surroundings without worrying about feedback.

Echovoice ® EV7 ™ Voice AmplifierThe EchoVoice® EV7™ is the perfect solution for anyone who needs to project their voices for long periods of time and prevents them from having to put excessive amounts of stress or strain on their voice, potentially causing long-term damage. Even if you have a strong voice, if your current role involves classroom teaching, sports coaching, or even working as a tour guide, the Echovoice® EV7™ is the perfect tool in your arsenal.

The device works with either a boom microphone or a transdermal (throat) microphone (both included), so it is perfect for every situation and additionally allows the user to choose whichever type of microphone they prefer.

Echovoice ® EV7 ™ Voice Amplifier NEW MODELPortability

With any type of voice speech amplifier, portability is critical. Once again, the EchoVoice® EV7™ scores highly in this regard, with a built-in rechargeable battery capable of powering the device for 38 hours. To make the device even more portable, it comes complete with a necklace and belt clip attachment, meaning the device can go with you without getting in your way, and essentially like all good pieces of equipment disappearing into the background.

If you have been searching for a market-leading, reliable device to help improve the delivery of your public speaking and to ensure that everyone in your audience, regardless of size, can hear you clearly, then the EchoVoice® EV7™ is the perfect device.

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