21st December 2017

We return on the 2nd January 2018 and all enquiries will be dealt with as promptly as possible. You can order on our website over Christmas and we will dispatch your order when we return on the 2nd January 2018. To all our customers, we would like to wish everyone A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS & […]

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NEW Echolink and Radiolink with Integrated Digital audio converter

22nd May 2017

NOW ECHOLINK and RADIOLINK TV LISTENERS WITH NEW Integrated Digital audio converter, making the system easy to connect to modern televisions using the digital optical output socket on the TV, so it is easy to install with just one Toslink Cable, which is provided in the set. Radiolink click here Echolink click here

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Digital to Analogue Converter !!!

25th April 2017

Now our Echo ® Digital to Analogue Audio Converter™ comes with two digital cables – optical TOSLINK CABLE and COAXIAL CABLE. It allows you to connect equipment to a modern TV using the TVs digital optical or coaxial output.

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** EXCLUSIVE !! Echo MiniTech Pro® has arrived !!

24th January 2017

READ MORE…… Designed exclusively by Hearing Products Int Ltd. to bring our customers the best in advanced digital technology, design and performance. Complete with headset and neckloop (hearing aid on ‘T’) the MiniTech Pro® can also be used to listen to a loop system in public places. Features: Microphone to amplify conversations Connect to TV or […]

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NEW Bed Shaker for Chime300 Home Alert System!

21st October 2016

We are excited to unveil the NEW EchoChime300™ BED SHAKER – Vibrating Pad to fit underneath your cushion or pillow to ALERT or WAKE you with a powerful and continous vibrate. Please see more here: EchoChime300™ and Bed Shaker  

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Find us on Facebook and YouTube

30th April 2015

Especially for you, we are now on Facebook and YouTube. You can find pictures, articles and videos about our products and much more. Like us on Facebook and subscribe to our YouTube Channel. Stay up to date with our news, special offers and latest products.
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New EchoIR™ Neckloop™ version

9th April 2015

     NEW EchoIR™ is an inductive neckloop that uses infrared signals to transmit sound from TV (radio or hi-fi) to a neckloop receiver, providing an extremely high-quality audio sound, enhancing the speech signal received from the TV. EchoIR Neckloop version is for people who have a hearing aid with a ‘T’ setting.         […]

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BRAND NEW EchoVoice® EV6™

10th February 2015

New EV6™ is a compact voice amplification system with a 12 Watt digital amplifier providing high power output and clear sound quality. EV6™ is sensitive enough to amplify the faintest voice. Supplied with headset and throat microphone.

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New Special Price

24th March 2014

The Digital to Analogue Converter has been reduced to an outstanding £25.00 including VAT. That’s a saving of almost 50% The Echo Digital to Analogue Audio Converter™ allows you to connect equipment to a modern TV using the TVs digital optical output. The converter simply takes the digital sound and converts it to analogue sound […]

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New Products

21st March 2014

As of this week we have introduced 2 New Products to our range. Please see EchoIR (Infra Red Under Chin Headset TV Listening Device) and EchoChime300 (Flashing and Sounding Wireless Alerting System)

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