What Is A Personal Listener?

Personal listeners, also called “conversation listeners” or “personal amplifiers“, increase the volume and clarity of sounds whether or not you are wearing a hearing aid. They are particularly helpful when you need to hear over a distance or there is a lot of background noise. From being able to keep up with conversations, listen to music, the sound of birds, or any other sounds, there can be many restrictions for people with hearing loss – a Personal Listener can overcome many of these barriers.

They are easy to use products – simply point one towards what you want to hear and it will increase the volume of the sound and make it clearer. The sound can be transferred into your hearing aid or it can be heard via headphones, earbuds, or hearing loops via a headset.

What Do Personal Listeners Help With?

Personal listenersPersonal listeners can be used in everyday social situations, such as having a chat with friends and family, going shopping, and eating out. They can also help people to be able to listen to a teacher, listen to music and watch TV.

The different microphones allow it to be adapted to different situations so that you can hear a group of people, a single point or even people at a distance. For example, the omni-directional microphone, which lets in surrounding noise, can be used in meetings.

Some personal listeners also have Bluetooth which enables you to connect them to your mobile or TV so that you can listen to music, watch films or talk to people on the phone.

Are they suitable for hearing aid users?

Yes, when your hearing aid is set to the T setting it will create a hearing loop, picking up the wireless signal. Most NHS hearing aids have a T setting, but if you need any help then contact us.

Alternatively, if you have hearing loss and don’t wear hearing aids then you can use separate headphones.

Different types of microphone

Personal listeners are engineered to have different types of microphone to suit different needs. Many devices will have more than one.

  • Directional microphones will amplify sound from the direction you point it at while reducing the sounds coming from other directions.
  • Omni-directional microphones amplify surrounding sounds.
  • Super-directional microphones will amplify specific sounds, reduce background noise and even work over distance.

Which is the Best Personal Listener?

We have a range of personal listeners so that you can choose products that are most suited to your needs. When choosing the right one for you, you should consider:

  • Is it suitable for hearing aids/non-hearing aids?
  • Do you want Bluetooth to be able to connect to your phone or TV?
  • Would you benefit from Bluetooth receiver so that you can connect it to something that doesn’t have inbuilt Bluetooth?
  • Would hearing loops via a headset or earbuds be most suited to you?
  • Do you need it to be portable?
  • What types of microphone does it have?


If you find it hard to follow conversations, then you could benefit from a personal listener – a product that will enhance the volume and clarity of sounds and limit background noise. You can adapt it to your needs, making them suitable for most situations – especially if you struggle to hear when there is a lot of surrounding noise or over a distance. They are also a great option if you don’t have hearing aids, or find that your hearing aids are less effective in certain situations.

If you have any questions about our products, then contact us and see how we can help.