Benefits of Purchasing A Phone With Amplifier

The Benefit of Purchasing A Phone With Amplifier For A Relative With Hearing Loss

A cordless telephone is one of the best advances in technology over recent years providing users with the freedom to walk around in their home whilst still engaged in an active conversation. Long gone are the days of being limited to the telephone seat in the hallway or having to put the phone down, while going to grab a piece of paper and a pen.

For anyone who is hard of hearing, then a cordless phone can also deliver many benefits, over traditional landline phones, and the good news is that they can simply be installed using the same connection as your existing telephone line. If you are purchasing or researching the purchase of a cordless telephone, from someone with either mild hearing loss, or severe hearing loss, then there are certain facts that you need to take into consideration.

Always Look For A Phone With Amplifier

Swissvoice Xtra 3155 Corded and Dect phoneWhen it comes to choosing a phone for someone with hearing challenges, always try to find a device that has a telephone amplifier. An amplified telephone enhances the volume of the sound produced, making it easier for the person to hear the conversation properly. Some devices such as the Swissvoice Xtra 8155 Handset also include an inbuilt volume control while at the same time being hearing aid compatible. Another important benefit of this specific device is that it features a flashing LED on the handset, to notify the recipient visually as well as audibly that they have an incoming call.

Swissvoice Xtra 8155 HandsetEnsure The Device You Choose is Hearing Aid Compatible

Strange though it may seem not all cordless phones are compatible with hearing aids, so do not purchase a phone without first checking that it meets this important condition. Unfortunately, and particularly if it is the first time someone is buying an amplified phone for a loved one, it can easily be overlooked.

That is one of the main reasons why we always recommend an amplified phone that is compatible with a hearing aid. Hearing aids are somewhat similar to reading glasses, although they can and do make a huge difference to the person wearing the devices, never assume that they will want to wear them permanently.

With amplified phones, the user can benefit from both scenarios. If they happen to have removed their hearing aid, the extra features and volume of unit, should ensure that they can have a crystal clear conversation without too much difficulty.

If however they are wearing their hearing aid, then the equipment will work in harmony to provide an even better user experience for all participants.

Can You Get An Amplifier For A Phone?

Some people are unfortunate enough to suffer from hearing loss, earlier in life. If for instance, your job entails travelling regularly, and being based in different locations, then it might be worth looking at in line amplifiers. These portable devices help to increase the sound of your phone by up to 40 decibels , whilst also allowing you to control the tone of your speech.

The biggest advantage of this system is that it compatible with a brand range of different phones, although it might not be as efficient or as easy to operate as a phone designed specifically for the task.

What is The Purpose of a Phone Amplifier?

The purpose of a phone amplifier is essentially to increase listening volume of any phone. There are a range of different models on the market. They clamp over the handset’s earpiece which means they can be used on a colleagues phone, or even on public telephones. Phone amplifiers are inexpensive, and portable.

Can I Just Use A Landline Phone With Hearing Aids?

The good news is that the vast majority of landline phones are hearing aid compatible, however there are certain things you need to do to ensure everything works as advertised. Make sure that you have activated the hearing loop setting on your hearing aid. It might be a good idea to get your audiologist to do this on your behalf. Then you need to ensure that you hold the phone close to the hearing aid to ensure that you can hear the caller properly. That is why we believe the better solution is to invest in one of the many amplified phones on the market, as this removes the vast majority of issues at source.

Why We Recommend theĀ Swissvoice Xtra2355 Dect phone

The Swissvoice Xtra 2155 handset is a competitively priced telephone which is reliable, robust and delivers a crystal clear phone experience for the user. It features an in-built answering machine and has been designed for people looking for comfort and ease of use. Other key features include

  • Extra loud ringer, up to 90dB
  • Audio Boost, up to +30dB
  • 30 min answering machine with slow play messages
  • Hearing Aid Compatible

If you are looking for the ultimate cordless phone for the hard of hearing then this is our number one recommendation.