Portable Hearing Loop

A portable hearing loop is a great option for any occasion when it is either not possible or practical to use a more permanently set-up hearing loop.

A portable hearing loop allows people with hearing difficulties to enjoy a conversation at a volume which is comfortable for them, yet without the other parties having to alter their speaking volume.

Importantly, it also means conversations remain private.

The most common set up is for the portable hearing loop to be placed inbetween the people having a conversation. Then, whoever needs the sound boosted simply turns their hearing aid to the magnetic field and adjusts the volume accordingly.

Of course, more than one person can benefit from the same hearing loop; if two people are chatting and both in need of the loop they both tune to the channel and set their own comfortable volume level.portable induction loop

A typical setting might be a consultation with a doctor, or bank manager – a setting where everyone deserves some privacy. Placing a portable hearing loop on the table means that privacy is obtained.

Care homes and hospitals are other settings where great benefit can be found from portable hearing loops. Again, they allow conversations to function, no one has to raise their voice, those with hearing difficulties don’t have to ask for things to be repeated. Instead, that important human function of being heard and being able to hear is preserved.

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Hearing loops in general have become far more ubiquitous in the last few years. Now, as well as often attached to TVs, they are also common in public settings. Cinemas, theatres, sport stadia, shops and many more businesses often have hearing loops, allowing anyone with a hearing aid to enjoy the sound.

And the hearing loops also cut out distortion and background noise – whether it is a loop in the cinema, or a personal loop for one-to-one conversations, the loop magnifies only the intended source noise, rather than a blanket amplification of the sound – unwanted and all.

Personal hearing loops are the final step in providing loops for all settings. They are increasingly in public spaces and that trend will only grow. They are commonly plugged into TVs to make viewing enjoyable for all. And now, the growth of personal hearing loops, means they can be used for conversations and more intimate settings too.

If you think a personal hearing loop might be of value to you, either as someone with hearing difficulties or if you need one to carry out your professional duties then do please get in touch, Even if you just need some impartial advice about which products might be right for you, we are happy to help.