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The Echo MiniTechT™ is a portable personal listener which can be used with either a headset or neck loop and gives excellent amplification in meetings, out and about or television listening at home. INCLUDES HEADSET & NECKLOOP.

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The Echo ® MiniTechT ™ is a portable personal listener to help you hear conversation and TV more clearly, the MiniTech T™ gives excellent amplification in meetings, out and about or television listening at home.




Often the first signs of hearing loss are experiencing problems following a conversation or experiencing background noise interference. The MiniTechT™ provides excellent amplification in these situations allowing you to enjoy conversations with family or friends, participate in meetings, use out and about or listen to the TV at home.


MiniTechT™ is an outstanding personal listener which uses the stubby microphone to pick up sound and send it straight to your ears, helping you follow and engage in conversation and chat with your family and friends.


The active tone control function allows you to adjust the bass and treble of the sound. This is useful because you can tailor it to suit your particular hearing loss. Volume can be easily, quickly and accurately adjusted by large visual and tactile volume buttons with symbols, making the unit easier for those who may have dexterity problems.


The microphone on 1.5m lead can be placed next to the TV to help you hear more clearly. The sound is sent straight to your ears, cutting out any background noise. The microphone can be extended by using the 3m extension lead to increase the distance you can be from the TV or other sound source.


Echo MiniTechT™ can be used with a digital quality under chin headset, stereo headphones or if used with a hearing aid, a high powered neck loop that transmits the sound to the hearing aid when switched to the ‘T’ setting (check you have the T setting on your hearing aid). The MiniTechT comes with both stereo underchin headset and a high powered neckloop, catering for both requirements, giving you excellent value for money.


The MiniTechT™  can be connected directly to the TV using an audio lead (audio lead not included – please contact the sales office for more information).


The MiniTechT™ can also be used to listen to a public loop system, using a headset. By activating the T Switch, the personal listener picks up sound from a loop and sends it directly to your ear via the headset. Ideal for listening to a loop system in place if you do not wear hearing aids.


Accessories for the MiniTechT™ can be purchased separately on our accessories page
Persons with pacemakers or other medical devices should always consult their GP/ physician or cardiologist before using the device. NeckLoops should not be worn by persons with pacemakers or ICDs (implantable cardioverter defibrillator). Please contact your GP or cardiologist for further information.


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Product code 751

3 reviews for Echo ® MiniTechT ™

  1. Mrs V.E.M – Romford

    I would lke to thank you for the wonderful Echo MiniTech portable personal listener machine, it has changed the life of my sister… I live in an old peoples complex and have been singing the praises of this great piece of technology, so would it be at all possible to send me any brochures you have on these machines…… Once again thank you X.

    Mrs V.E.M – Romford

  2. Mrs R M S – Bristol

    “I purchased this product last week for my mother and so far it’s brilliant. She hears better with it than with her very expensive hearing aids.

    We have already recommended the product to other old people in the nursing home”

  3. Mr F.S. Cheltenham

    I bought the personal listener for my wife who has been experiencing hearing difficulties for a while, and not getting much help from audio clinics or suppliers of conventional in-ear hearing aids. It has been a huge benefit to her. She finds it invaluable both in the home and in group meetings and at concerts. We recommended your personal listeners to some friends who are having hearing difficulties, and they, too, are extremely pleased with them and the speed with which their order was fulfilled.

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Technical Information

Frequency response65Hz-6.5KHz Maximum gain
Maximum Gain45dB
Maximum power output110 dB
Tone control10 dB range 300Hz, 10 db range 5KHz
Current consumption30mA with 32ohm headphones and no signal
Automatic Gain Control (AGC)Attack time 0.3ms, Release time 3m
Physical size95mm x 55mm x 22mm
Overall weight95gms (including dry cells)
Dry cells2 x AA size (LR6)
Power supply+3v DC
MicrophoneElectret condenser
Headset Socket3.5mm Stereo
Microphone input+3dB
  • MinitechT amplifier
  • Neck loop with patch lead
  • 'Stubby' microphone
  • Microphone on lead with mono plug
  • Extension lead
  • Headset
  • Carry pouch
  • Batteries 2xAA (not rechargeable)


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