Echo ® MiniTechPro ™ + Echo® Bluetooth Receiver™ (bundle)

 Save up to £20.00 when buying MinitechPro and Echo Bluetooth receiver

Echo MiniTech Pro® digital personal listener with exceptional sound quality that helps you hear conversation, TV and Radio etc. more clearly, with or without a hearing aid. INCLUDES HEADSET & NECKLOOP. 

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£139.00 Exc. VAT

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SPECIAL OFFER !!! This amazing bundle offer allow you to connect your standard Personal Listener MinitechT or MinitechPro to your mobile phone, laptop, tablet or any Bluetooth enable transmitter totally wireless. Listening music, watching youtube video or even making a calls never been so easy. Just plug in our Bluetooth receiver into MinitechT/MinitechPro, pair it with your Bluetooth enable device and enjoy perfect sound through headset or neckloop


If you are looking for a solution to help you hear conversation and TV more clearly, the

MiniTech Pro® will help you out in these situations, whether you wear a hearing aid or not.

Now you can also save up to £20.00 when buying our MinitechPro with our Echo Bluetooth receiver as a bundle. Simply plug it directly into 3.5mm audio jack( line in) then pair it with the enabled Bluetooth transmitter (mobile phones, universal transmitters, laptops, tablets etc) and enjoy crystal clear sound within a range of 10 metres. For more information about our Echo Bluetooth Receiver click here




Often the first signs of hearing loss are experiencing problems following a conversation or experiencing background noise interference. The MiniTech Pro® provides excellent amplification in these situations allowing you to enjoy conversations with family or friends, participate in meetings, use out and about or listen to the TV at home.


Personal Listeners can be used with a neckloop with your hearing aid on the T setting (check you have the T setting on your hearing aid) or a headset if you do not wear hearing aids. The MiniTech Pro® comes with both stereo underchin headset and a high powered quick release neckloop, catering for both requirements, giving you excellent value for money.

A bright colour LED indicates the increase and decrease in volume control. The tone control function allows you to adjust the bass and treble of the sound.


The microphone on 1.5m lead can be placed next to the TV to help you hear more clearly. The sound is sent straight to your ears, cutting out any background noise. The microphone can be extended by using the 3m extension lead to increase the distance the user can be from the TV or other sound source.


The MiniTech Pro® can be connected directly to the TV using an audio lead (audio lead not included – please contact the sales office for more information).

When connected directly to the TV you can press the “selector” button and you will hear other sounds in the room and if you press the “selector” button again, you will return to the TV sound. This is useful for wanting to speak to someone whilst watching TV.

Most products with line output can be directly connected to the MiniTech Pro® with an audio lead using the line input socket.


As well as being modern and stylish in design the MiniTech Pro® incorporates digitally controlled buttons which make the unit easier to use for those who may have dexterity problems, its ergonomic design fits easily and comfortably in the hand. The digitally controlled buttons allow accurate and quick volume control, easily adjusted by visual and tactile volume pads with large symbols and raised dots, making the MiniTech Pro® ideal for people who are not only hard of hearing but who may also have a visual impairment.


The MiniTech Pro® can also be used to listen to a public loop system, using a headset. By activating the T Switch, the personal listener picks up sound from a loop and sends it directly to your ear via the headset. Ideal for listening to a loop system in place if you do not wear hearing aids.


Accessories for the MiniTech Pro® can be purchased separately on our accessories page


Danger of hearing damage due to high volume!

This receiver/amplifier allows you to set higher volume than conventional devices. Constant high-volume use can cause hearing damage.

  • Before putting the receiver and the connected headphones on, set the volume on the receiver/amplifier to a low level
  • Do not expose yourself to a high volume levels for extended periods of time
  • Persons with pacemakers or other medical devices should always consult their GP/ physician or cardiologist before using the device. NeckLoops should not be worn by persons with pacemakers or ICDs (implantable cardioverter defibrillator). Please contact your GP or cardiologist for further information.

Technical Information

Nothing available yet.
  • MiniTech Pro Listener
  • 2 x AA Drycell (Batteries)
  • 101 stetoclip underchin headset
  • QR (Quick Release) neckLoop
  • Stubby Microphone
  • Microphone on 1.5m lead
  • 3m Extension lead
  • Instructions
  • Bluetooth Universal Receiver
  • Power Adapter
  • Charge Lead


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