Echo PowerWake V2 Vibrating Alarm Clock


The Brand NEW Echo PowerWake V2 is a stylish and sturdy alarm clock featuring a powerful bed shaker, audible sound and flashing digits and is designed to wake you up from deepest of sleeps.

  • Large 7″, three colours LED display
  • Powerful Bed Shaker with three intensity settings (Low/Medium/High)
  • Loud sound alarm up to 95db
  • 5 melodies with different tones
  • Snooze, date and dual alarm functions
  • Battery back up*

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Introducing our latest Brand-New Echo PowerWake V2 Alarm Clock, stylishly designed, robust and easy to use

  • Large Digits with three colours (Ice White, Green, Orange)
  • Adjustable dimmer
  • Flashing digits to visually alert the user
  • Very Loud Dual Alarm up 95db
  • Extremely Powerful Vibrator with long lead and three vibration settings
  • Five melodies with different tone pattern
  • USB mobile charging output to charge your mobile phone, tablet etc**
  • Battery back up*

The large bright LED display will flash once the alarm is triggered, it has three colour settings Ice White, Orange and Green with a built-in dimmer facility, which is ideal for people with visual impairment, the attached extremely powerful Bed Shaker (1.5M cable) has Hi, Medium and Low settings.

The Power Wake V2 has 5 melodies with different tones range, 15 volume levels,  and the highest setting being 95db and when the alarm goes off the sound will slowly increase to the preferred volume to avoid being startled and giving a much more pleasant waking up experience.

Ease of use dual alarm, you can set either of the two alarms for 7 (whole week), 5 (Monday to Friday) or 2 (Weekends) days and the time can be displayed in either a 12- or 24-hour format, you have a snooze facility which can be set from 5 to 60 minutes.

Extra piece of mind, if the power source is disconnected this unit has a back up* battery so your settings will not be lost (battery included), you also have an extra USB charging port on the back of the clock that can be used to charge your mobile phone**.


Bright LED Display

Extra bright 7″ LED display with adjustable brightness from 0% to 100% , changeable from Ice White, Orange or Green for personal preference which can be set to flash once the alarm goes off. This feature is great add on especially for people who are visually impaired.






↓↓↓↓↓To see how to set up this clock please watch video below. Please turn YouTube subtitles ON ↓↓↓↓↓

Bed shaker

Very powerful bed shaker with over-current protection  and 1.5M cable, with low, medium and high settings, can be put under pillow or mattress. It can be switch ON or OFF via clock setting or simply disconnected from the back panel.


Sleek Design

Modern black sleek design with a silver underlay, this clock will look great in any setting. Easy to set up using buttons located on the top.




*  For more information refer to the manual ** Charging port 5V 1A may not be suitable for some mobile phones, tablets or electronic devices. During the power outage this function is disabled.

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Technical Information

Power SupplyDC USB 5V min 2A Positive Centre
Back up batteryCR2032
USB Output for Vibrating Pad only5V 1A
USB Output for Mobile Devices5V 1A
Snooze time5-60 minutes
Alarms loudnessup to 95dB
LED display coloursIce white/Orange/Green
DimensionsClock: 20.5x11x4cm Bed shaker: 9x9x4cm
Cables lengthPower cable: 2 meters Bed shaker: 1.7 meters
Weight530 grams
  • Digital Alarm clock
  • Vibrating Pad (Bed Shaker)
  • Power Supply with USB cable (2 meters long)
  • Battery CR2032
  • Instruction