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Echo RadioLink™ uses radio frequency to transmit sound from TV, radio or hi-fi to a handheld receiver anywhere inside or outside the house, providing crystal clear sound with a range of up to 30m.

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Product Description

Echo ® RadioLink ™ uses radio frequency to transmit sound from TV, radio or hi-fi to a handheld receiver anywhere inside or outside the house, providing crystal clear sound with a range of up to 30m.

The powerful, lightweight transmitter can be either mains or battery powered. The transmitter can be mounted onto the television with Velcro and the sound from the TV is transmitted up to 30m using radio signals. The signals are picked up by an independent handheld receiver and the volume and tone can be easily adjusted by the user enabling the television volume to be set at a comfortable level for others.

The transmitter can also be battery powered, so it can be used as a portable system, an ideal radio aid for meetings, talks and tour guides etc. There are no batteries to change in the receiver as it has a built in intelligent charging circuit, this produces a fast charge for the receiver, which when fully charged can provide 30 hours listening time. Either a headset or a neck loop can be used with the receiver making the product suitable for hearing aid or non hearing aid users.

Key Features and Specifications

  • Active noise reduction for crystal clear sound
  • Operating distance up to 30 meters in open air
  • Complete freedom of movement (line of sight not required)
  • Mains or battery powered transmitter
  • Tone control (Low/Mid/High) can be set independently
  • Receiver has auto channel search tuning
  • 30 hours listening time when fully charged
  • Microphone and line inputs Suitable for all TVs
  • Suitable for all TVs
  • UK patent GB2469793

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Persons with pacemakers or other medical devices should ALWAYS consult their GP/ physician or cardiologist BEFORE using the device. NeckLoops should not be worn by persons with pacemakers. Please contact your GP or cardiologist for further information.

2 reviews for Echo ® RadioLink ™

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    The Radiolink™ has transformed my listening and i hadn’t realised how much i was missing

  2. 5 out of 5


    I have been using this system for two years now. I use it with ear hooks rather than the neck loop and have found it very satisfactory and trouble free. Can watch the TV or tune the TV to the radio and listen to the radio pretty much anywhere in the house due the transmitter’s considerable range. I have recently bough a stubby microphone and can now also use the system as a personal listener to clarify conversation. This can be done by leaving the transmitter + mike attached to the mains or it can be utilised as a portable listener with batteries.

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Technical Information

SystemVHF/RF Carrier Frequency
Transmit power7dBm (maximum)
S/N ratio65dB
Channel separation50dB (minimum)
Frequency response30 - 20,000Hz
Power supply of transmitterDC6V 1A Positive Tip
OptionalTX can also be powered by 2 x AAA Alkaline batteries
Power supply of receiverLi-ion rechargeable battery
Operating DistanceApprox.50m (Outdoor); Approx.20m (Indoor)
Channel frequencesCH1: 174.0 MHz, CH2: 174.5 MHz, CH3: 175.0 MHz
Receiver battery3.7v dc 1060 mAh LI-ION (not serviceable by the end user )
Audio input+20dB
Microphone input-40dB
UK patentGB2469793
  • Radiolink Receiver
  • Radiolink Transmitter
  • Charger
  • Power Adapter x2
  • Neckloop with patch lead
  • Phono plugs
  • Scart
  • Headset
  • Earbuds
  • Microphone on lead with mono plug