Echovoice ® EV7 ™ Voice Amplifier NEW MODEL

New Model 

The EchoVoice® EV7™ is a BRAND NEW compact voice amplification system that is sensitive enough to dramatically amplify the faintest voice with a 1o Watt digital amplifier providing high power audio output and clear sound quality.

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The EchoVoice® EV7™ is a BRAND NEW MODEL  compact voice amplification system that is sensitive enough to dramatically amplify the faintest voice. With a 10 Watt digital amplifier providing high power audio output and outstanding sound quality, the user can control the volume of their own voice in different environments, indoors or outdoors, without the problem of feedback.

For people with a weak or strained voice, people who rely on projecting their voices for long periods of time and therefore use their voice intensively, the EchoVoice® voice amplifier will maintain volume and clarity over that period without straining or causing damage to their voice.


The EchoVoice® is therefore ideal for use in Classroom Teaching, Outdoor Activities – Sports Instructors/ Riding instructor, Public Speaking/ Tour Guides etc. EchoVoice® voice amplification system is simple to use, comfortable, lightweight and discreet.

The EchoVoice® can assist by enhancing even the faintest of voices with minimal effort required by the user, helping the user control the volume of their voice in groups of people, giving them more confidence. Only a whisper is required to provide excellent amplification with the boom microphone.







Alternatively the transdermal (throat) microphone requires positioning on the side of the throat, providing a more discreet option for the user.








A necklace and belt clip attachment that clips onto the amplifier makes the device easy to carry and simple to wearand remove.

A fast charge of 4-6 hours and talk time up to 38 hours also benefit people using their voice for long periods of time.




• No feedback unlike other speech amplifiers of its kind
• Easy to operate volume control

• Supplied with a lightweight headband type boom microphone and a transdermal (throat) microphone.
• Intelligent charge circuit with excellent battery life













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Technical Information

Frequency response120Hz-15kHz
Rated audio power5W
Max. output power10W
Output impedance
Operating voltageDC 3.7V
Battery specification3.7/4000mAh lithium-ion battery
Power adaptorDC 5V/2A USB
Recharging time4-6 hours
Talk timeup to 38 hours
Net weight205.5g
  • Portable amplifier with amazing up to 38 hours working time
  • Head worn microphone
  • Transdermal throat microphone
  • Power adaptor
  • Audio cable - 3.5 mm stereo jack plug to 3.5 mm stereo jack plug - 23 cms long
  • Necklace
  • Belt clip
  • Carry case
  • User manual


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