Echo ® MegaLoop DAC ™ + Free EchoLoop Pad

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LIMITED TIME WEBSITE SPECIAL OFFER! Buy Echo Megaloop or MegaloopDAC and get totally free EchoLoop Pad worth over £32.

The NEW MegaLoop DAC ™ allows easy connection to most modern digital Television sets.

The MegaLoop DAC ™ System features an integrated Digital Audio Converter to connect to modern televisions using the digital optical output socket on the TV. And it is simple to install using the Toslink Cable provided.

  • 25% More Efficient
  • Connects to Digital Optical TV Socket
  • Digital to Analogue Converter
  • Toslink Cable provided
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The NEW Echo ® MegaLoop DAC ™ allows easy connection to most modern digital TVs.

The MegaLoop DAC ™ Induction Loop System has an integrated Digital Audio Converter, making this the easiest loop system to connect to modern televisions using the digital optical output socket on the TV. It is easy to install with just one Toslink Cable, which is provided.

The MegaLoop DAC ™ converts digital audio signals providing you with amazing sound quality. An induction loop system takes sound from your TV or other sound source and converts it into a signal which is fed into a wire fitted in a continuous loop around the edges of the room. This signal can then be picked up by a hearing aid switched onto the ‘T’ setting. The tone and volume can then be adjusted completely independently from that coming out of the TV speaker, so that the television volume can be set at a comfortable level for others.

  • Connects with modern televisions
  • NEW integrated digital audio converter
  • Easy trouble-free installation
  • Outstanding sound quality
  • Can be used with or without stand

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Technical Information

Power Supply12v DC. 2.0 amp positive centre
OutputOutput current > 4amp peak current, loop resistance less than 1 ohm
Frequency response100Hz to 5.2khz (v/c mid)
Tone Control Effect20db range max-min (v/c middle)
Microphone2 microphone inputs 3.5mm mono/electret condenser
Line Input1 line-level input, 3.5mm stereo connector with gain control
Digital Output1 line-level optical input, Toslink connector with gain control
AGCAttack time > 30 dB range
Dimensions190mm(W) x 45mm(H) x 112mm(D)
Audio input+20dB
Microphone P input-3dB
Microphone 1 input+3dB
What are included in MegaloopDAC set?
  • Megaloop DAC Amplifier
  • Mains Power Adapter
  • Loop wire
  • Clips
  • Microphone with lead
  • Scart Plug
  • Phono phono lead
  • Toslink Cable


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