Echo ® MegaLoop Pro ™ with Remote Control

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The BRAND NEW MegaLoop Pro ™ allows easy connection to most modern digital Television sets and now comes with REMOTE CONTROL.

The MegaLoop Pro ™ System features an integrated Digital Audio Converter to connect to modern televisions using the digital optical output socket on the TV. And it is simple to install using the Toslink Cable provided.

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The Brand NEW Echo ® MegaLoop Pro ™  is THE ONLY INDUCTION LOOP AMPLIFIER WITH REMOTE CONTROL ON THE UK MARKET. It is easy to connect to most modern digital TVs, with either line and/ or digital inputs (Phono Phono/ Toslink/ Coaxial).

The MegaLoop Pro ™ Induction Loop System has an integrated Digital Audio Converter, making this the easiest loop system to connect to modern televisions using the digital optical output socket on the TV. It is easy to install with just one Toslink Cable, which is provided.

The MegaLoop Pro ™ converts digital audio signals providing you with amazing sound quality. An induction loop system takes sound from your TV or other sound source and converts it into a signal which is fed into a wire fitted in a continuous loop around the edges of the room. This signal can then be picked up by a hearing aid switched onto the ‘T’ setting. The tone and volume can then be adjusted completely independently from that coming out of the TV speaker, so that the television volume can be set at a comfortable level for others.


  • NEW Remote Control
  • Capable of meeting BS. EN 60118-4:2006 for a loop area not exceeding an area of 90 sqm (9.5m x 9.5m)***
  • Connects with modern televisions
  • NEW integrated digital audio converter
  • Easy trouble-free installation
  • Outstanding sound quality


*** PLEASE NOTE: The New MegaLoop Pro is a more powerful loop that can cover a larger area than a standard room loop system. Loop wire recommended areas for areas covered according to BS EN 60118-4-2006: 

  • 16 sqm to 40 sqm – 0.75mm csa
  • 40 sqm to 65 sqm – 1mm csa
  • 65 sqm to 90 sqm – 1.5mm csa


Capable of meeting BS. EN 60118-4:2006 for a loop area not exceeding an area of 90 sqm (9.5m x 9.5m) A larger loop area can be used if a lower signal strength is acceptable which will depend greatly on your hearing aids or receiver.

Coverage is dependent on the specific installation. Irregular shaped areas, proximity to large metal structures, positioning of the loop cable etc will affect the field strength. 

Please note: Some TV brands or models can cut internal speakers when using TV Audio Outputs (Digital Out or Analogue Out). If possible please set TV Audio Out to “Audio Out and Speakers Simultaneously” which will allow you to hear the sound through hearing aids and TV speakers. Alternatively contact TV manufacturer customer service for further advise.

Before you purchase new TV we strongly recommend to ask TV Sales Team if particular TV model includes this option.

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  1. JP

    Fast reply to technical question prior to buying. Best loop system we have had in 30 years. Not only independent volume adjustment but also adjustment for tone loss up or down. Has separate little gizmo so that sound level etc can be adjusted whilst sitting in armchair. Company also offers it VAT free with simple click thro. Comes complete with reel of wire and easy instructions. I am 82 and not a techie but found it so easy. My profoundly deaf 90 year old husband has stopped complaining his hearing aids need fixing. They didn’t, he just needed a good system.


  2. PL

    I have been using the Echo MegaLoop Pro for about a month, I previously had the earlier model MegaLoop DAC, which to be honest was a bit of a disappointment and not really providing the expected improvement in hearing aid clarity I was looking for, having researched via the county Hearing Advisory Service centre, taking the opportunity to experience several different appliances, this inspired me to install a loop in my living room.

    Quite why the MegaLoop DAC failed to perform as expected has never been established but, on the installation of the MegaLoop Pro the hearing aid use was completely transformed to a very high standard indeed.

    I should point out after some conversations and exchange of emails with the company (who bent over backwards to be helpful, such a rarity these days) I had decided to move the room loop from floor level (skirting board top actually) where it was thought to be being interfered with by heating radiators, other electrical devices and other furniture, to a new position just under ceiling level, the trunking for this was fitted while awaiting the arrival of the MegaLoop Pro.

    Straight out of the box I decided to try the MegaLoop Pro on the existing low level loop (I had installed the high level trunking but not run the new loop wire through it). Simply taking out the old MegaLoop DAC and connecting the Pro in its place, it worked perfectly. The installation remained as it was for the DAC model (except I used the new power adaptor). I suppose at some time I may well install the high level loop wire just to see if any further improvement is made.

    So to summarise; I love the MegaLoop Pro. Also the remote control, shame the input cannot be selected with it though. And I also love the way the remote can stand up on its bottom end, other makers of remotes please take note!!.


  3. PD

    Prompt delivery. I put the remote control loop up in my living room as my Dad was visiting for Christmas and can’t hear the tv at anything less than 80% volume which makes it intolerable for everyone else, so he misses the news films and most of all the football, musicals and opera. What a success this loop was. I’m delivering it to his house early in the New Year. I’m delighted and so’s my Dad.


Technical Information

Power Supply12v DC. 3.0 amp positive centre
OutputOutput current > 4amp peak current into 0.4ohms
Frequency response100Hz to 5.0khz
Tone Control Effect+/-3db range @200Hz and 5KHz
Microphone2 microphone inputs 3.5mm mono/electret condenser
Line Input2 line-level input, 3.5mm stereo connector with gain control
Digital Input1 line-level optical input, Toslink connector with gain control
Digital InputCoaxial input
Dimensions190mm(W) x 45mm(H) x 112mm(D)
Line Audio inputnominal Level 100mV
Microphone P inputNominal level -60dB
Microphone 1 inputNominal level -44dB (Background noise switch low) -50dB (High)
AGC>30 dB range
Weight441 grams
Loop output impedenceBetween 0.4ohm and 1.0 ohm
What are included in Megaloop Pro set?
  • Megaloop Pro Amplifier
  • MegaLoop Pro Stand
  • Remote Control
  • Mains Power Adapter
  • Loop wire 0.75mm CSA (38 meters)
  • Clips
  • Microphone with lead
  • Scart Plug
  • Phono phono lead
  • Toslink Cable
  • 2 AAA Battery



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