Xtra Doorbell 8155


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Talk to visitors over your audio doorbell without getting out of your chair!

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Xtra Doorbell 8155 is a wireless audio doorbell that calls your Swissvoice Xtra 2155 or Xtra 3155 DECT telephone.
Communicating with your visitor is as easy as can be, even from your armchair! The audio doorbell has its own ringtone on your DECT telephone, so you can tell immediately when a visitor has rung your doorbell.
The ringer volume can be adjusted from your Xtra 2155 or Xtra 3155 (5 levels).

Choose between 3 answering modes:
– Direct answer to doorbell calls
– Auto: transfer doorbell calls to an outside number of your choosing (mobile or land-line)
– Manual: if you reject the call, it is transferred to the chosen number

Accessory exclusively for Swissvoice Xtra 2155 and Xtra 3155 DECT telephones.
Up to 3 audio doorbells can be added to your Xtra 2155 or Xtra 3155 telephone.

Technical Information

Outdoor usewater resistant IP23
Power2 x AA Alkaline batteries (included)
Battery autonomy6 months
Dimensions (L x H x D)mm67 x 107 x 29
MountingWall mountable
DECT wireless technologyup to 250m range (may vary according to environment)
RF frequencyDECT ULE
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