Quiet Voice For Public Speaking

Whether it’s speaking to a class, presenting, running training seminars, or another task that requires you to project, having a quiet voice for public speaking can be a major barrier to getting the message across.

A quiet voice – whether naturally quiet, brought about through an ongoing condition, or quiet through overuse – can be difficult to improve.

Anyone required to undertake public speaking with a quiet voice is likely to further strain their voice, potentially making the voice worse. At the very least, the speaking task can cause some discomfort.

And public speaking with a quiet voice can also affect confidence. It is clearly more difficult to get your message across if you’re not sure the message is being heard. When dealing with children – in the classroom, or perhaps in sports coaching – having a quiet voice makes it harder to get their attention.Echo Voice amplifier EV6

If it is a short term problem, a trip to the see the doctor might be enough to sort out any voice problems. Rest and medication might be all that is required.

However, there are also products which can help with longer term issues. These can also be used to prevent future problems – anyone doing a lot of public speaking might find their voice strains at times. An amplification device to take some of the strain out of speaking could prevent the future onset of difficulties.

At Hearing Products International, we are committed to helping anyone with a hearing impairment or a quiet voice to find products which can aid their everyday life.

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When it comes to voice amplifiers, we believe one product stands out – it is suitable for any environment, be that public speaking, around the house or social occasions.

We developed the Echo Voice EV6 wanting to create an easy-to-use device that works in multiple scenarios. It can amplify any voice from even a whisper, providing clear output.

The range of features includes:

  • No feedback – unlike many voice amplifiers you just get the sound of the voice amplified
  • It comes with both a headphone style microphone, and also a more discreet throat microphone. The throat microphone can be great for those who need voice amplification for social functions and so don’t want the visibility of headphone style microphone.
  • Excellent battery life – no danger of it running out when you still need it
  • Clear and easy to use digital displays
  • The device comes on at a preset level, meaning it provides clear audio right from the offset

For more information on the Echo Voice EV6, including the current price please follow this link.

And if you have any queries, please do get in touch. We are happy to offer impartial advice and chat through whether a voice amplifier is likely to be beneficial to your circumstances.

About Hearing Products International

We have been developing products to help people with hearing and vocal impairments for 25 years.

Founded by Hanne and J Chris Rohde, who were inspired to set up the company after their own daughter was born profoundly deaf, we have grown to become the UK’s premium supplier of “own brand” hearing loops, induction loop systems, wireless television listeners, voice amplifiers, and home alert systems.

We are extremely proud of our range of products, including the Echo Voice EV6. We believe it is the market leading voice amplifier.

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