Radiolink2.4G – TV Listener with dual function.

At Hearing Products International Ltd our design and development team succeeded to make minor adjustments to our

Radiolink 2.4G TV listening device so that a dual function is incorporated.

The minor tweaks allowed us as a business to assist a more people’s needs and requirements.

The 2 in 1 facility within the device helps people with hearing loss/hearing impairments to gain more freedom of movement and a much better quality of sound and so can help when visiting or meeting up with friends and when joining in with social gatherings.

When using our devices via Loop systems through hearing aids with T coil functions more people are interacting effectively.

General feedback is, 1000’s of individuals gain their confidence back again.

Is this something that you or a loved one may wish to find out more about or if you wish to look at other pieces of equipment to see how they can help to solve a daily occurrence or miss communication.

We would like to think that HPIL as a family business will have a solution that can help toward individual feeling lonely, frustrated, isolated.

Please contact us if you feel that our assistive technology can bring people together.