Six Essential Hearing Products

Hearing loss affects people differently. However, it is common for people with hearing loss to experience various forms of disadvantage – such as fewer opportunities in education and work, or to feel socially withdrawn due to difficulty communicating, and emotional problems such as a drop in confidence and self-esteem.

Luckily, there are many hearing products available which can help people with to alleviate some of these issues. They are engineered to help people with hearing loss to overcome challenges and be able to communicate with people. Everyone’s needs are different and it can be difficult to know exactly what products you should invest in and what is going to help you. To make it a bit clearer, we have compiled a list of six essential hearing products so that you can consider what would work for you, and empower yourself to overcome challenges.

Amplified Phones

The ability to speak to people on the phone is a luxury many people with good hearing take for granted – it is so important to be able to keep in contact with friends and family or speak to someone when you need them. There is a range of amplified landline phones which can ring loudly and flash or connect to your hearing aid. They also make speech from the other end of the phone louder and clearer.

If you use a mobile and want to make adjustments to it to be able to hear people on the phone, then you can do so with a personal listener.

Personal Listeners

When it comes to hearing products, personal listeners are something most people with hearing loss can benefit from. They can be used in lots of different scenarios and will connect to most of your devices.

Personal listeners allow you to amplify a particular sound while limiting the surrounding sounds, even over a distance. This can allow you to listen to a particular person to speak. Some also have the option to amplify surrounding sounds which could be beneficial in a meeting or a classroom. Although, if these are your main needs then an induction loop system might be best.

Some personal listeners have Bluetooth and you can connect them to your mobile or even your TV! Making hearing phone conversations, listening to music or watching TV easier. They can be used without hearing aids or you can connect them to your existing hearing aid depending on your needs.

Induction Loop System

An induction loop system is a microphone and transmitter system that will help you to hear what is going on around you. However, it is not as portable as a personal listener. It can be placed in a room and transmits audio directly into your hearing aids while dramatically reducing background noise and improving sound quality.

Voice Amplifiers

Voice amplifiers are used to make your own voice louder. This stops you from having to strain your voice, which could cause damage over time.

Home Alert System

There are several devices that can alert you to things happening in your home. Some hearing products will create a loud noise, a flashing light or a vibration. These can be used to alert you that someone is at the door, wake you up or alert you that someone is trying to call you.

You can also invest in hearing products that will allow you to alert someone else that you need help. This includes devices that go on a chair or bed to automatically alert someone if you have a fall.

Wireless TV Listeners

Wireless TV listeners are a quick and easy way to connect to a TV, radio or music device to a receiver, allowing you to easily connect to your devices and hear them clearly.