VAT Relief

You may be eligible for VAT Relief for some items within our shop. To qualify for VAT exemption, you would need to be registered with your local health authority or GP as having a hearing disability or a communicative disability.

If you are unsure you must firstly seek guidance from your GP or other Medical Professional before signing the declaration or you must include VAT on your order. You can find out more from the Help sheets at; or by telephoning the VAT Disabled Reliefs Helpline on 0300 123 1073.

To claim VAT relief you will need to click on the green ‘I qualify for VAT exemption’ box on the checkout page – this is a digital signature that will automatically calculate your order without VAT.

Alternatively please see the downloadable Vat Certificate below which includes more information.

Please note that only certain products are Vat exempt. Products which are eligible for Vat Exemption are marked with GreenĀ  Box as shown below: