Voice Amplifiers for Quiet Voices

There are many reasons you might have a quiet voice, the good news is that voice amplifiers for quiet voices will instantly help you get your message across.

It could be the result of a medical issue, a lifelong condition to contend with or something more short-term. In truth, ultimately it doesn’t matter in that the voice amplifier will work with a voice that is quiet, whatever the underlying reason for the lack of volume.

For the voice amplifier to work, the speaker need only produce a whisper which is picked up by the boom and passed through the 12 watt digital speaker system.

Alternatively, a microphone which clips to the side of the user’s throat can be used. This is a more discreet option, yet one which produces just as effective a result.EchoVoice EV6 front

If you are interested in a voice amplifier for a quiet voice, please visit this page.

A voice amplifier can work in any type of setting and environment. They are commonly used indoors for private conversations, but also in classroom teaching, by sports coaches, public speakers and any other scenario you can think of where voice amplification might be of use.

For some, they boost their quiet voice and are used in face-to-face conversations, but others use then more to protect their voice. The sports coach, or teacher might want to use a voice amplifier so they can speak at a natural level, without having to put stress on their vocal chords for an extended period.

Modern voice amplifiers are easy to control, with easy on/off buttons and digital controls for managing the volume.

A leading product such as the The EchoVoice® EV6, available online in our shop, also has a fast charge which between 4-6 hours, providing enough charge for 8 hours talking. Like your mobile phone, you can charge it overnight and then use it all day.

The EV6 also benefits from having no feedback, so however much you turn the volume up you won’t get disruptive distortion creeping in.

If you want to know more about a voice amplifier, please get in touch with us today. At Hearing Products International, we are leading UK experts in providing products to help those with hearing and speech impairments. You can call us on 0161 480 8003 or email info@hear4you.com

We also stock a wide range of products to help out those with impairments, from loop systems for enjoying TV to alerting devices and personal listeners.

If you have a quiet voice and a voice amplifier could be of assistance, please do get in touch. It is a small change that can make a big difference.