Wake Up With A Bed Shaker Vibrating Alarm

Sleep well confident that you will be woken exactly when you want with a vibrating alert from our newest product, the EchoChime300 with Bed Shaker.

Do you worry about waking up because traditional alarm clocks don’t work for you? Perhaps you’re concerned about being late for work or missing vital appointments.

Hearing Products International introduces the new Bed Shaker, part of our EchoChime300 alert system, designed by us to help you wake up well with a vibrating sleep alarm.

Since 1992 we have been a market leading provider of premium hearing aids, providing practical solutions to everyday tasks and increasing accessibility and enjoyment for those with hearing impairments.

We offer a range of assistance products for those with hearing or communicative difficulties, including the new vibrating alarm system the EchoChime300 with Bed Shaker as well as wireless television listening devices, hearing loops and more.

EchoChime300 Bed Shaker Set
EchoChime300 Bed Shaker Set

Placed under a pillow, the Bed Shaker produces strong and continuous vibrations to ensure an effective wakeup call every time.

But it’s not just for that morning wakeup – the Bed Shaker can be placed under any cushion to provide a clear and strong alert when the phone rings, or a visitor is at the door. With the Bed Shaker, not only will you wake up on time, but you can relax knowing that if a friend or the postman calls, you won’t miss it. The wireless EchoChime300 with Bed Shaker combines vibrating alerts, flashing light and loud sound to alleviate the need to wait anxiously at the door.

Our alert systems offer solutions to a range of problems for the hearing impaired, including alerting you to visitors, post and parcels and telephone calls. Effective alert systems can take away the anxiety of worrying about missing an important visit or call and enable independence and prevent isolation.

If you’d like more information on any of our products, including the Bed Shaker, email us at info@hear4you.com, call us on 0161 480 8003, or for our latest news visit us on Facebook.

If you are registered as having a hearing or communicative disability you may be eligible for VAT exemption, helping make your hearing aids more affordable. Not sure if you qualify? Our expert team are happy to advise you, you can contact us by phone or online here.

You might not have realised before that aids aren’t only those that amplify and improve sound but anything that can assist in day to day tasks – our alert systems use a combination of flashing lights, vibrations and sounds for maximised effect and may be the most suitable for your hearing loss.

The EchoChime300with Bed Shaker is the latest technology offered in supporting those with hearing difficulties and at Hear4you.com we are proud to be helping people across the UK and the world lead independent lives.

 According to the Better Hearing Institute, hearing loss can lead to stress and contribute to dementia and feelings of depression, isolation and frustration as we struggle to cope with daily life. All our hearing aids are designed to help you lead a full, independent and entertained life.

We offer free delivery to the UK mainland. Why not visit our online shop today and get the wakeup you want with a vibrating sleep alarm from Hear4you.com.