Watch TV With A Hearing Loop

If you watch a TV with a hearing loop you can enjoy all your favourite shows at the perfect volume – for you.

It is a small change, a small expense which can make a huge difference. If you have a hearing impairment you can watch TV without a hearing loop, but it is unlikely to be at the right volume – even if you up the volume on your hearing aid you are liable to pick up background noise.

You might be wondering just how a hearing loop works and what the key benefits are.

When you watch TV with a hearing loop, the TV volume is amplified, but only the TV volume is amplified. Anyone with a hearing aid can tune into the hearing loop’s channel and enjoy the programme at a volume which is perfect for them.

And one of the great advantages is that if there are multiple people with hearing aids, they can all benefit from the one hearing loop. Each individual can tune into the hearing loop channel and then adjust the volume accordingly.induction loop system

And if there are people in the room who don’t require a hearing aid – their enjoyment is unaffected, the television speakers are outputting at the usual volume, the amplification is done via the hearing lop interacting with hearing aids.

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For the home, or any place you visit regularly, you can set up a fixed hearing loop, but what about places you visit infrequently, a hotel, B&B or friend you see too rarely for example.

For these trips, a portable hearing loop can help – this is a device you can take wherever and whenever. You can also use it for conversations, for example a portable hearing loop can be placed on the table during a doctor’s consultation, so you will be able to hear the doctor’s advice more clearly without them having to speak loudly.

As well as enabling people to watch TV, hearing loops are becoming increasingly common in other areas too. As a leading UK expert in providing solutions for those with hearing impairments, we see this as wonderful news.

In time, we hope that hearing loops in public spaces will be as common as other aids such as ramps for those in wheelchairs. Already, hearing loops are common in museums, sport stadiums, cinemas, shops and more.

However, one of life’s little pleasures is watching the TV – and watching TV with a hearing loop makes this available to all.

The big changes – hearing loops everywhere, a wider range of products for this with hearing impairments might still be to come – but you can start benefitting from a  hearing loop right now.

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