We are happy to talk through

Hearing Products International Ltd are renowned for our products/devices, sound quality and more and have been around for just over three decades.

Our devices and equipment can help/assist individuals to look at additional assistive technology so that personal choice can be achieved, and better inclusion is reached so that people do not feel Isolated/frustrated.

We are happy to talk through solutions/scenarios to bridge gaps so that more people feel comfortable and stay connected especially when working with hearing people or while having quality time in their own home with loved ones or when on your own.
If you have a hearing aid with a T coil function inside and are looking at enhancing how you watch TV or communicate with others. We have a fantastic range that we can help you to choose from.
If you haven’t already had you lunch maybe grab yourself a snack, drink etc and head over to our website https://www.hear4you.com/ where you will find a variety of TV Listeners, Personal listener devices and Loop systems for sale. If you still have time to browse maybe check out our YouTube videos online where you can hopefully watch our products within our Echo range to show where our hearing products might be able to assist you in the future.

If you find something that you like and are unable to purchase an item direct from us for yourself, perhaps you or a loved one can connect with a social worker, healthcare professional or your local authority to see where they may be able to offer further assistance so that more help can be gained for your sensory needs.

Get in touch today: 0161 4808003 or info@hear4you.com