What Is A Hearing Loop?

Wondering what a hearing loop is – if you have hearing aids but still find it difficult at times to hear what is going on at home or out and about, then a hearing loop could be beneficial.

What is a hearing loop? Allow us at hear4you.com to explain.

A hearing loop system does not replace hearing aids – it enhances them. Installing a loop system will help your aids pick up sound and greatly improve your listening by reducing or cutting out background noise.

At home, for example, you could use a hearing loop to help you hear sound from your television. In your car you can use a loop to help you hear the radio.Portable loop system for hearing aid

You can also set up a loop with a microphone to help you hear conversations in noisy places. In the theatre, a loop can help you hear the show more clearly.What is a hearing loop – it’s something which makes your hearing aid so much more effective.

What is a hearing loop? Key information

But what does a hearing loop look like? The loop is simply cabling which goes around the listening area and produces a magnetic field which can be picked up by your hearing aids when they are set to the ‘T’ position. Check your aids now to see where this switch is. Once the loop is up and running you can adjust your hearing aid for volume in the usual way.

How does a hearing loop help? Well, you can have the volume set at a different level through the hearing loop than everyone else sharing your room or car! You can set the volume on the television at a level which is fine for everyone else but the volume on your aid and through the loop can be much higher.

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If you are not alone in needing hearing aids at home you’ll be delighted to learn that more than one person can benefit from a loop installed in a room as long as they each have their hearing aids set to ‘T.

You are not wired to any other equipment so you are free to move around and listen from anywhere within the loop.

You’ll also be able to use hearing loop systems in public – they are now installed at many workplaces, in schools, public halls, churches, buses, theatres and many other public places.

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Easy to install and use, a hearing loop system from Hear4you.com could change your life overnight! No more straining to hear the television, no more overpowering your friends and family with excessive volume.

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Need more help? You can call Hear4you.com on 0161 480 8003 or drop us a note via the contact us page or email to info@hear4you.com. Now you know what a hearing loop is, you can take advantage of this great technology!